volunteer programs in Uganda
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Volunteer programs in Uganda

Uganda is one of the developing countries in the world, where more than quarter of the population still struggle with illiteracy, poverty, lack of sanitation facilities and better health care. However, you can contribute towards making their condition better by undertaking a volunteer program in Uganda.

In Uganda, there are many volunteer programs which you can participate in and change the lives of the vulnerable and needy communities. Some of the unique programs are mentioned here below;

One of the programs is the orphanage: this program will enable you show some love and tender care to the kids, such as helping with feeding, bathing, cleaning, homework, treating minor illnesses, entertaining and many others.

This program mostly helps the volunteers who love to work with children in fun and educative way.  The primary focus of the orphanage program is to provide care, education, feeding, clothing and a shelter that children can call home. Normally the children found in orphanages range in age between 3-16 years and have either been abandoned or orphaned.

These orphanages are built by the selfless locals who out of love and compassion are doing all they can to keep unfortunate kids out of the streets and give them hope and aspiration into the future. These orphanages most often in need of local and international support in many capacities such as administrative work, general help, fundraising or new creative ideas to continue helping the kids. Therefore, if you choose this program, the money you will pay will help in running various orphanages in Uganda.

Another volunteer program in Uganda is the Healthcare. This is especially in rural areas and in this program you may assist the local health care teams, depending on your experience or interest with organizing health workshops about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, etc. and Voluntary counselling and testing, Improving sanitation and quality of drinking water in the villages by clearing the water wells, building dry racks and digging latrines as well as educating on how to have a healthy life style.

You can also help in providing consultation and treatment to patients, performing diagnostic testing and many others about health.

Most Ugandans in the rural areas are not able to access proper healthcare or afford it and HIV/AIDS, malaria, childhood illnesses such as measles, parasitic diseases and malnutrition are still a major threat to a lot of rural communities.

Recreational activities is another volunteer program in Uganda one can participate in. In this program a volunteer can assist in sporting activities or introduce new dance moves, drama performances, music skills and sport techniques. The volunteer can help in organizing competitions and shows.

Community development program. In this program, volunteers can participate in three things, namely; education, like teaching the ESL to locals and in this program the volunteer leads in English language classes, focusing on conversational English, preparing lesson plans and even the volunteers can be taught the local cultures in Uganda.

Program under community development is still about education but called school murals; in this program, a volunteer can help in painting inspiring/ fun murals on the walls or gates of the schools and community centers.

And other program still under community development is Environmental conservation; this involves a  volunteer helping with expanding the existing tree nurseries, organizing additional tree nurseries, organizing tree planting projects in association with the local schools, public education in environmental sustainability.

And the last one under community development is building and construction; under this program the volunteer will assist in molding bricks or blocks, creating a foundation, electrical wiring and plumbing, putting up building walls or roofs, mixing mortar, concrete, supplying bricks or water, etc.

There are very many volunteer programs in Uganda that you can participate in and the ones mentioned here are very few, just to give you a hint of some of the programs that are available to anyone who may be interested in taking a volunteer program in Uganda.


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