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Ways in which you can help the street children.

The street doesn’t own a child or anyone we shouldn’t call them street children but children on the street. They are just children but traumatized, chronically neglected, physically / mentally abused and exploited. The urban population of Kampala is soaring, hence putting the number of children in slums at risk. Almost 27% of children between the ages of 5 – 18 live in slums and they lack access to good infrastructure, better food, and are short of most basic needs of life.

Only awareness and intervention by NGOs and well-wishers can translate into actual change. It is only us who can contribute to their leaving streets, meeting their needs and fulfilling their God given gifts and talents. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the drastic and positive change of the street children in Uganda.

Talk to them in a positive tone, and inquire about their well-being. Children on the streets go through a number of hustles to get what to eat, put on, and where to rest at night. The community tries to isolate and giving them a bad eye, but when you get a chance to meet them, use a kind voice by asking them their names, back ground and other particulars. Most times what they need is just care and attention of which we can offer to them. You can choose to donate to different campaigns run by NGOs that reach out to street children in Uganda.

Most children resolve to the streets due to miss treatment at home by either their relatives, care takers or step parents. So in case you spot a child who looks distressed then you can inquire about how their parents or guardian treat them; if you find out that the kid is being abused or miss treated, report to the relevant authorities so that the kid is saved, before they resort to streets.

Besides money, your time is the most valuable resource you can gift to the street children. A number of NGOs in Uganda have programs that help street children, like providing education, relaxation, physical-social support and counselling to the street children. This organizations need volunteers that can serve the boys from the street. So if you’re out there wondering what you can do to bring change to the children on the street, volunteering is the best option.

However, donating is the easiest and fastest act of support you can participate in; the equivalent of a cup of coffee or next movie you’re watching can go towards giving a child or two a brighter future. You can also sign up and be part of a NGOs various fundraising initiatives either on social media or in on-ground activities at malls, kiosks and public places.

The increasing number of urban street children has led to the increase of crimes like trafficking and kidnapping. It is fueled by disruption in schooling and lack of parental care. The presence of NGOs is essential in such a scenarios, working with local authorities to ensure that these children don’t find themselves trapped in subsistence abuse or victims of abuse and exploitation.

Without the knowledge of their rights, they experience torture, harassment a well as sexual abuse. Giving in your precious time and work with volunteering in Uganda can bring a difference in lives of these children.