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Orphanage program

Orphanage Program overview

Orphanage program

The orphanage/childcare program is a volunteer program set up to render support to orphaned, poor, and marginalized children of Uganda who have not acquired parental support and have faced several challenges in life. This program is an initiative under Volunteering in Uganda that undertakes all operations regarding the Volunteering in Uganda Project.

Orphanage/child care volunteer program

takes you to support and show love as you care for orphans in a local orphanage based in Kalagi-Mukono [Uganda], founded by the late Emmanuel MacMillan Kitumba in 2012 to rescue and restore hope to the vulnerable children in the most war, epidemic, poverty, HIV/AIDS affected areas.

The orphanage currently shelters 30 vulnerable children between the ages of 3-15years. Among whom are disabled, have HIV/AIDS, are abandoned, receiving the best care under a well-trained mother. We also have over 300 other children whom we look after under our external program which extends support to very poor single families. Where a widow has failed to completely take care of her big family. This initiative is carried out in the most rural poverty-affected areas in Uganda. Volunteering in Uganda together with Love Uganda Foundation also provides necessities [read more=”Continue reading more” less=” Show less”] for the children which include; nutritious food, clean water, clothing, medication/treatment, and quality education.

We not only provide necessities to our children but also teach and train societal values. Which will enable them to grow up to be responsible citizens thus empowering the next generation. We also provide them with a safe play environment where they can have fun, learn and develop other skills and talents within them.

About our Children

Many of the children under our care have happened to encounter such a horrible past. That they fail to trust anybody at instant/on their first encounter. Though this has been greatly battled by our trained team on the ground specialized in children’s trauma healing education.

There are instances of children that were constantly abused sexually by their relatives. Who at most times happen to be the girl’s father, uncle, cousin brother. This prompts the child to report or run away or sometimes discovered by the medical personnel after having been severely injured sexually. It is at such instances where LUF working alongside Uganda police intervenes to help relocate this child to help secure their future.

Other cases are of children that leave for the streets as a result of; child labor, and severe/corporal punishments at home. Hunger/poverty leaves them with no option but to live all their life on the streets begging at such tender age. It has been noted that such misfortunes have negatively impacted many of these children. That, in turn, they become robbers, gangsters, prostitutes in case of girls, marijuana smokers, alcoholics, etc. [/read]

Volunteer Roles

Volunteering in Uganda provides an opportunity for a volunteer to participate in rescuing and restoring hope to such children. Volunteers have an opportunity to interact, educate, play, take care of, follow up, and counsel among many other activities.


Volunteers will have a chance to teach children in various studies, including Maths, English language, and Science which studies are part of the government curriculum. This is to take place at our school or other schools recommended by Volunteering in Uganda.

Meal Preparations:

 Volunteers can facilitate meal preparations for the children, giving it a more touch and as well being creative with the meals. This, in turn, will allow them to draw closer to these children thus paving the way to reaching out to them in one way or the other.


These activities may include assisting children in washing their clothes and helping them do their homework. Helping them clean themselves, assisting and following up on them taking drugs, extending love and attention to them. And by doing this they would feel loved.

Childcare Volunteer Program Objectives:

  • Provide basic health care, hygiene advice, and all the essentials they need to stay healthy. We have a health worker to look after them.
  • To provide a safe play area, where the children can have fun and learn. And develop the skills of social interaction. The children get a chance to play on the swings and we sometimes take them to local parks. Where they get a chance to swim, play some more, and meet other children.
  • To teach and train children an ethos of morality and to instill in them a sense of community. And respect for their fellow human beings.
  • To provide quality education alongside all necessities like stationery, and uniforms. To enable every child to reach their academic potential opening up bigger opportunities/avenues for their future.
  • We work closely with the public; regularly attend local meetings with social agents and other societal leaders/government workers. For the betterment of advancing foundation activities to create an atmosphere for properly raising our children.
  • Find more sponsors and donors that are in a position to fund the project more that we may achieve the goal of accommodating many vulnerable children under this program.
  • To provide better medical attention/care to our children in terms of working alongside the specialist doctors that engage us in monthly health checkups for the children, and provide drugs, and medicines to keep our children healthy at all times.
  • Co-ordinate and carry out joint efforts with other government and non-government organizations/well-wishers to raise awareness about children’s rights and expose how deadly the effects of child neglect, and abuse can be to a society.

NB: We also provide programs for groups, Universities, Schools, Corporates, Youth Groups, and Spiritual Organizations can create their own customized group volunteer programs on special rates.

Program Typical Weekly Schedule

Arrival Day Saturday/Sunday:

Pick Up from the Airport and arrive at your home, where you have an opportunity to meet your program coordinator. After some time of relaxation, you will get a Welcome Presentation. Culture Training, and area orientation then has your room set up for your stay. On Sunday you will visit local sights and in the evening you will be free to enjoy your leisure. And prepare yourself for the start of the new week full of activities.

Monday- Friday:

You will be served breakfast every morning after which you will proceed with the day’s activities, project times and work plans will be given to you on arrival. You can walk to the project site where LUF staff will meet you.


You will have evenings free for cultural activities such as visiting local temples in the area, local markets, Language Classes, cultural cooking classes, and Buganda culture classes.


You can spend your weekends visiting the recreation centers, beach, Kampala city center, or even Mukono locality where the orphanage is situated.

Volunteer Daily Schedule at the orphanage

6:00 am – Rise.

6:30 am – Volunteers assist in preparing breakfast for both the children or him/herself if at all they happen to have slept a particular not at their residence but in the children’s house.

7:00 am – Children depart for school and volunteers can assist with cleaning, planning activities, or lesson plans.

1 pm – Lunch Break.

2:30 pm – Volunteers can visit the local market or utilize this time for internet access.

4 pm – Children return to the orphanage from their school day. Volunteers can teach the children English, Math, or any other subjects. Including conservation and personal hygiene, drawing, painting, rhymes, and many other topics during recess time which period may not exceed an hour between 4 pm-6 pm.

7 pm – Dinner served.

Interested in our Orphanage/ Childcare Program?

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