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As Jesus said in John 15:12 “my command is this; Love each other as I have loved you.” Volunteering is showing love to the people.  volunteering is working to help the needy, the less fortunate, and also the vulnerable people at no cost. There are so many areas where one can volunteer in Uganda. Volunteer programs in Uganda give you a chance to open up your mind. And also know what people go through to find solutions for the problem.

When you choose to volunteer in any place, it’s giving it your all. To help develop the people and also the communities where one is from. These include charity works, developing skills for the people, and also empowering people women and youth in the community. Remember it’s not the company to benefit but the community to benefit from the volunteering company.

The list below shows several volunteer programs offered in Uganda to the volunteer.

Health care programs, this is to cater to the health of the people, children in the community. Medical persons will work in public and community hospitals. They are to provide needed assistance to doctors and patients who are financially unstable.

There are so many people in Uganda who are suffering from curable diseases. But due to inadequate healthcare professionals, hospitals, and also money to fund the treatment. The people will get free treatment. This will give a valuable medical experience that will benefit one greatly in the future.

Education program; this is to provide education to the members of the country. Several people are uneducated not because that’s the way they want it. But because they lack funds to pay for schools.

And also lack professional teachers in the rural and poor areas especially those in English teaching. This is in terms of correct use of words, English grammar, writing, and reading and comprehension skills.

Furthermore, the volunteers will work along with the local teachers in the community in delivering the services to children. This will help them improve their vocabulary and speaking of the children.

Hence opening for them a worldwide opportunity for which could change their future. The teaching program calls for creating a playing environment for the children. This helps to enhance the creativity of the children that is through singing, playing games like football, netball too.

HIV/AIDs has become a problem in Uganda. The number of those who are sick is rising as days go by. So HIV/AIDs has become a program or project to volunteer in too. The disease affects and kills both parents and children. So the volunteer under this program will deliver educational programs, training, and other activities. This is to help those suffering from it.

The volunteer will offer support in terms of giving encouraging words, treatment informs of ARVs to the patients. Also psychological support through guidance and counseling to the patients of HIV. As well as creating awareness to the population on ways how to protect themselves from the disease. Those who already have the disease do not spread it to other people.

The community development program is also a big shot for volunteering. This involves developing communities through empowering women and youth in the community. This is through giving them skills on how to work and reduce poverty in their households.

For example, women are taught how to do tailoring of clothes, agricultural skills. And how to run and manage the business. Women are taught basic hygiene and health care of their bodies. In addition, the best way is to educate the girl child so that they receive equal opportunities with men.

Furthermore, youth empowerment is also key to community development. Many youths in Uganda are unemployed and less educated. They lack the skills to either work in companies or start up a business of their own. This can be helped by advising the youth to take part in the development of projects. Youth advisory programs, and also elementary and high school clubs would help them develop skills.

Child care /orphanage program; this program runs around child development. Showing love to orphanages by providing for them in so many ways that are to say education.

Volunteers can sponsor or donate for the education of the child, teaching them ways how they can clean themselves. Taking drugs in case they are sick and also preparing meals for them to eat. This makes them feel loved and also shows them that somebody cares for them.

In a nutshell, volunteer programs in Uganda lookout to develop people in the community. They help them to break the poverty line in the families. These programs help in the child development, development of skills, empowerment of youths and women. They also call for equal rights for men and women.



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It’s a good project but a challenging one. It needs a lot to put in without expecting a lot to come out of it. Orphanages are homes that accommodate orphans, children with special needs, street children, and vulnerable children. The orphanage project provides shelter for children, gives them health care, provides education, and also gets basic needs of life. These children have abandoned children due to financial problems, conflicts, or wars, some have lost one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS. Some leave homes due to child labor, and domestic violence, and abuse from their relatives who tend to take care of them when their parents die. Due to extreme poverty in their homes/ families, their parents or relatives abandoned them on the streets.

Below are some of the skills need in the orphanage program.

In an orphanage project, you do not need much to be a volunteer. What you need is to be able to love the children, play with them, care for them and teach them some of the skills you know. This is to enable them to grow up knowing that somebody loves and cares for them amidst their childhood times. When around children you have to be patient, kind, and at the same time flexible when working with children that’s all you need to have.

Responsibilities of the volunteer in an orphanage project

The volunteer in an orphanage will help in preparing meals for children, feeding them, bathing and dressing the children, washing clothes, and help in keeping the orphanage clean, well-organized at all times.

The volunteer will take care of the children in the orphanage in an affectionate manner. You should be able to offer support in their times of challenging situations and also play with them during their leisure times.

The volunteer may be asked to help in teaching children in an orphanage school. This would depend on the volunteer’s capability on the subjects said to be taught and his or her comfort zone. Subjects mostly English will be taught to children and other subjects, educate them about personal hygiene, and impart valuable life skills.

Organization of Educational games by the volunteer for children at the orphanage. For example, learning fun songs and rhymes, and sports activities. This helps in the growth of children, child development, and also their well-being.

How does volunteering in an orphanage project helps the children?

Volunteering helps children discover their inner strengths and life skills. That’s to say as they can talk to people, they become open and say what they feel like. The volunteers can guide them in their day-to-day life hence becoming successful in life.

Volunteering helps children in orphanages to attain quality education. Volunteers help in teaching the children English and other subjects like math and also help them in doing homework. This helps them to become better citizens of the country. Quality education allows them to acquire skills, values, beliefs, moral habits, and achieving knowledge.

Volunteering also helps in building better classrooms, houses/shelters for the children. This gives the children better learning structures and a good place for them to leave in hence a secured living.

Volunteering helps the children attain good health services.  At the orphanage treatment of malaria, cough, and flu is done. This helps children grow healthy and strong.

Children can eat balanced and good food in an orphanage. Volunteers help in feeding the children food that develops their immune system. To fight diseases and also build their bodies.

Volunteering helps in restoring hope to children who had lost hope.  It makes them feel loved when shown love, care, a listening ear, and playing with them. This helps the children to grow well knowing that they have a shoulder to run to. For instance, in chase danger knocks on the door.

Summarily, volunteer in Uganda orphanage project, volunteering is of great importance in the lives of children. It creates a unique bond between the children and the volunteers. children get their restored hope, love, care, and kindness restored. It also helps the volunteers to improve on their skills, learn new cultures, and how they do things. All in all, it’s always fun when you choose to volunteer.





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A volunteer refers to a person who offers to take part in an organization with little or no pay. Footprint Volunteer Uganda is an initiative project to reach out to the various needs within our society. And these include; vulnerable people, wildlife, water and environment, Agriculture, human rights.

Volunteering involves providing a safe health environment that could accommodate life and any kind of living. Various programs are currently running under this project among which include; Elderly program, Childcare/Orphanage program, Widows program, Disabled program, HIV/AIDS program, Youth program, Water and sanitation, Healthcare program, Human rights, and Community development program. The major objective of the footprint is an opportunity for everybody out there that has the zeal of changing and transforming a society positively basing on the mentioned needs.

Discussed below are the programs carried out in Footprint Volunteer Uganda.

Childcare/Orphanage program

is a volunteer program set up to render support to orphaned, poor, and marginalized children of Uganda who have not acquired parental support and have faced several challenges in life.

A local orphanage based in Kalagi-Mukono [Uganda], founded by the late Emmanuel MacMillan Kitumba in 2012 to rescue and restore hope to the vulnerable children in most war, epidemic, poverty, HIV/AIDS affected areas. The orphanage shelters around 20 children around the age of 3 to 15 years. This program is based to show love and restore hope to the orphans around Uganda.

These children have encountered a lot of problems that make it hard to trust anyone so easily. So a trained team on grounds specialized in children trauma healing education. Some children are sexually abused by their relatives so volunteering in Uganda works with Love Uganda Foundation that connects to the police

Health care program

its aim is (To improve health in rural communities through educating and engaging people in health programs.) Medical volunteers or interns can join our Public health & medical care project and sustainably change the health, and hygiene of Uganda’s rural people.

The medical volunteer program takes you to rural hospitals, clinics, small communities or orphanages, sub-urban medical centers to provide checkups. Basic medical care, early intervention provide services for infants and toddlers less than three years of age who may have or be at risk of developmental delay.

Family planning-provide information about birth control methods to help in planning the number and spacing of children, when to become pregnant and provides to improve the health and well-being of children in their care.

Treatment of malaria, tuberculosis, and syphilis are the most common health ailments in Uganda. For example, a registered nurse, medical doctor, lab technician, and paramedic or have a trained medical skill then you can.

Participate in patient care such as diagnosing, injections, lab work. If you are a midwife then you can work in the maternity ward assisting with prenatal and antenatal care. All the activities are under the supervision of professional doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Education/teaching program

is also a program undertaken to equip the orphans and the community to attain education at all levels. The volunteer project involves teaching primary school children using dedicated one-on-one sessions to help bring them up to required standards. The aim is to give certain students extra attention as they have fallen behind the rest of their peers. The education volunteer will help children learn the correct use of English words, master English grammar, encourage writing, reading, and comprehension skills. This will let the children practically learn the language and may be able to improve their verbal skills.

Volunteers are also to work in government and public primary schools located in and around the areas to teach children. Volunteers mainly teach children aged between 4-16years. Subjects to be taught include English (Conversational and Written), Math’s, Geography, Religious Education, Entrepreneurship skills, General Knowledge as well as Physical Education a sports program in schools. They teach for approximately 4-5 hours a day, five days a week.  They may be alone or with the help of other teachers.

Community development/ empowerment

involves work alongside local people on community development programs. This includes education, women’s empowerment, environmental monitoring, income-generating activities, health management, and mapping.

Women empowerment is one of the programs under community empowerment that works towards better welfare and social development of women.

Empowering women to improve basic hygiene and health care, to fight high rates of infant mortality. The answer is to educate girls. Volunteering in Uganda therefore, understands that the future of many communities lies in the hands of empowered female leaders. Women may share their knowledge in the community’s best interests.

Equal opportunities are what we aim for in Uganda.  volunteers have a chance to assist women by boosting literacy and health education, providing income generation tips and microcredit loans education, rights, and life skills.

saving and credit – micro-credit through cooperatives, income generative skills training, women health, and maternity education. Teaching the English language to young women, help with small business skills.

We see the rise in quality of life for the women as fundamental to positive development for Uganda as a whole. By providing women with the tools to be at the head of their own future successes.

Lastly, youth empowerment concludes then community programs.

The percentage of unemployed youth in Uganda both skilled and unskilled stands at 2.44%. Covid-19 made the matter worse companies closed and some lied off workers due to limited funds. (UNICEF generally defines youth as being between the ages of 15 and 24 years old). Some youth also have negative views on certain jobs so they are unwilling to take them if offered a position. Youth unemployment poses a serious political, economic, and social challenge to the country and its leadership. It’s difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty.

Volunteers help in sensitization of the youth through sharing, success stories experimentation with different case studies, acquisition of some important skills such as leadership,  at times even a financial push where needed.

Youth are also encouraged to take part in community activities like Leading and attending Events for example arts and crafts, games like group games, non-competitive games, and puzzles and quizzes. Youth advisory programs, Aid work in remote parts of the country Elementary and high school clubs’ and Development of projects.

In a nutshell Footprint volunteer, Uganda offers a platform for people around and outside Uganda to volunteer in all areas to help the orphans, the vulnerable women in rural areas to develop skills, support financial support, health care to develop social development hence reducing poverty, the dependence of women on men and stopping domestic violence.



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As it’s written in proverbs 22:9 “the generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Volunteering is something that would give someone peace of mind and at the same time restore someone’s lost hope.

 Volunteer Uganda Packing list for a trip is hard for any person to do but when you have a guiding list makes it easy for you to pack for any trip. Volunteering is a hands-on activity where certain clothes do not fit. So the guide protects you in a way that you are able not to spoil your best outfit. People tend to overpack while planning a trip.  Some planes carry limited kilos. So it’s good to know what to carry and not to carry while coming up to volunteer.

Below are some of the things you should include in your volunteer Uganda packing list.

The volunteer has got to have an open mind when planning a trip to volunteer in Uganda. When volunteering you don’t have a clear mind on what you are going to do. And how it’s going to be done. So many people get so excited while planning a volunteer trip and try to imagine things. It’s easy if someone has not built up any expectations. So it’s better if everything takes you by surprise but not getting disappointed when what you expected did not happen.

As you enter a country one has to be very patient in learning a new culture of the community. This is not going to be easy to do nor does it just happen in one day. So you have to be patient with yourself and also with the people around you.  The things that are done back home may not be the way they are done here. It is sometimes testing to adopt a new culture but if given time, it becomes easy for you.

What to pack in terms of what to put on as you are going to your volunteering place should be known. One should be able to know the weather and the environment of the country. Uganda at some points is a hot country. So one should carry some light clothing to cope up with the weather. As it may get hotter while working so one needs some comfortable, suitable clothes and also some easy shoes. It does not matter whether you are teaching, gardening, or working with animals. 

The volunteer should be able to communicate with the volunteering company on what to bring from home. The company should be able to provide information on what to bring. If it can be brought from the country or community where one is going to work from. This is to ensure that the money goes back to the local economy to develop them.

As the volunteer is preparing for a volunteer trip, one should mind about the safe that he or she has in the volunteer accommodation. A body hygiene kit can be folded on a wall so it’s advisable.

One should be a positive person as one prepares to volunteer in any country for example Uganda. You should prepare your mind to think positively no matter what work he or she is going to volunteer into that’s to say, teaching, working with orphanages, and health care. No matter how hot or cold the place may be one should be able to cope up with anything.

Volunteer’s imprinted documents should not be carried when on a volunteer trip as it saves space in the suitcase or backpack. These documents can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets and also on laptops. This makes it possible to assess all documents and information needed instead of carrying documents in large quantities as this also saves space and time.

Well, in a nutshell, volunteer Uganda packing list offers to make one comfortable while coming on a field trip as it’s easy for one to cope up with any situation around. Guidance to a volunteer is also something to put around to make the visitor feel at home to reduce the discomfort of the volunteer. It’s also advisable for the volunteer company to always update the volunteer on the updates of the company so that he or she is well equipped with information about the company.


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Uganda is a gifted country located in East Africa. Water has covered the pearl of Africa . The green vegetation, the mountains, lake victoria, lake Albert, and lack kyoga.

Uganda is a land-locked country, but that does not stop visitors from coming around to enjoy the natural breathtaking beaches on the lake sides.

Uganda has a tropical climate because of its location on the equator and it has wet and dry seasons. Volunteers that come to Uganda can enjoy the cool air around the lakes and mountains and also tour around the country. 

Volunteering is one of the best ways to help those in need around the globe. There are so many places to volunteer in Uganda that is to say education or youth development, health, community development, agriculture and water sanitation, environmental conservation, and gender equality.

Below are some of the things you should know when planning a volunteer trip.

One should know what are some of the volunteer support does the organization gives. Some of the NGOs offer housing, meals, transport, and medical.

Some just offer housing, meals, and transport and do not cater for medical care. One should contact the country’s embassy in Kampala. The people in Uganda can also help in the shopping, domestic work, and other things. They are welcoming and always ready to help in all ways you just need to be friendly.

The volunteer should read about the history of volunteers, non-governmental organizations of Uganda. Uganda has both international and country or local non-governmental organizations. All these would be in a position to accept volunteers to assist in health centers schools, orphanages, and street children. One should be able to visit the website of the Uganda National Forum to see all the registered organizations.

Get to know the best way you will be able to communicate with your family when you come into Uganda. And the best way would be by phone call or emails as it will take 2-4 weeks for your letters to reach the people you are sending to. The weather changes in Uganda as they change from dry to rainy and from rainy to dry seasons so one should be sure of the weather changes to find the right clothes and shoes to pack.

You should know how volunteering will help you in the future. Volunteering in Uganda will give you a chance to get new skills, you will also be able to know and understand the new cultures on how they operate. Here you will be able to learn flexibility and independence plus tenacity.

One should be able to know how to save money while on your volunteer trip in Uganda. Small amounts of money  can cover housing and meals if you can have local cuisine and traditional ways. But the frequent trips to the biggest cities, expensive foreign meals, and private transport can drain your pocket. One should be able to adopt the savings things instead of spending a lot of money.

On a volunteer trip in Uganda, one should be able to know the best places to volunteer. there are so many community-based organizations and international organizations. You must be able to choose the best organizations to volunteer with as some ask for money to work with them.

One should be able to ask questions to understand the place he or she is going. The volunteer should ask questions like; what type of transport will be available or used the type of weather if it’s a dry season or wet season. How far will it be from the capital or airport? You will be able to know if there are other foreign volunteers in the country as the volunteer if coming.

A person”s health should also be known. As for Uganda per now, COVID-19 has taken up the whole world. Before boarding the aircraft, passengers are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued 72 hours. The volunteers are required to be up to date on the typhoid vaccinations yellow fever, rabies and tetanus, and childhood immunizations (hepatitis A&B, Polio).

They should be able to keep safe their things as there are my thieves and reckless driving around Uganda. The volunteer should keep money and valuables hidden in different locations. Staying away from theft of things, you will need a heavy padlock on the house or bedroom door.

 In order to live in the country, the volunteer will need to get a visa. A single-entry tourist visa is valid for three months from the date of arrival and it costs around $134.00 and multiple-entry visa can be obtained and can last for 60 days from the day of arrival. 

In a nutshell, before choosing to volunteer in Uganda, the person should know all the requirements needed on the volunteer trip in Uganda. This is to avoid interruptions when the work has started. 

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Uganda is a gifted country with Mother Nature; the lakes and rivers, local markets these and many others attract people to come around and volunteer in Uganda. Volunteer tourism is termed as voluntourism.

Voluntourism refers to a person who travels from one country to another to do voluntary work.

The work is related to agriculture, health care, education, community outreach, and many others. They vary from low-skilled to more professional and high-skilled work with could be for a short time or long time.

Voluntourism in Uganda has something common to giving back to the world. It could be beneficial to the whole world, the non-profit organization, or the community development. Activities range from giving money and goods to schools, medical camps, research and education to the communities, and other technical services leading to community development.

The types of voluntourism in Uganda are

  • Teaching
  • Work at an animal conservation center or sanctuary
  • Cultural immersion programs
  • Community support
  • Youth development
  • Environmental conservation
  • Medical
  • Research

Expectations of voluntourism in Uganda

  • There should be direct contact between the volunteer and the residents working with a trusted partner.
  • Involvement of volunteers in physical exertion of the locals or communities.
  • Voluntourism in Uganda should empower the local community as the volunteer is learning from the experience.
  • Voluntourism is to targets non-traditional venues to benefit both the host community and the volunteer.
  • The actual attitude of an individual volunteer should be appropriate meaning its desired for the local community as well as what one can learn from hosts.

What a good voluntourist should keep in mind

  • The volunteer should choose a cause that is passionate about and then read and research about it a lot.
  • Additionally, volunteers should be led by the strengths but not the weakness. one should not go for teachings if you have no idea about teaching.
  • The person should be able to bring about sustainable development in the community.
  • The volunteer should be able to choose a charity those partners with local workers instead of taking jobs away from them.
Benefits of voluntourism in Uganda

Voluntourism in Uganda helps one to learn a new culture in the community. You are surrounded by new people and receive first-hand information about the problems faced in the community. You can find solutions to the problem. This widens your mind and your understanding of poverty nature and sustainable development.

Voluntourism helps in boosting the local economy in the community. Volunteers buy things like art and crafts, food, drinks, materials used during their work in the community, and the money used for development.

They provide inferior quality work. volunteers can practice the work she knows best and has skills for. Voluntourism becomes of a large impact on the person doing it and all the people involved in the activity (community).

It causes a long-term impact on the community and the country at large. Volunteers teach English to children, local teachers, and people on the correct use of grammar, reading, and writing hence improving on the teaching skills. The community left with a wealth of knowledge to the current and future teachers and their students can benefit from it.

In the nutshell, voluntourism in Uganda causes a great impact on the communities, people in it, and the country as well but as a result, it is associated with problems of taking up local jobs, unskilled labor that creates more work, and no long term commitment involved.

But still, it also creates an idea of a white savior complex where they think of developing countries and communities are waiting for westerners to come to fix things for them. All this can be solved and worked out