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A volunteer is someone who performs or offers to perform a service out of his own free will. Most of the time without any form of payment made to him. Volunteering in Uganda is not only beneficial to the community you serve. But can in so many ways have returned for you and your profession.

Just because volunteer work is unpaid does not mean that it is any less valuable. The skills you get to learn from volunteering are just as useful as those you learn in paid positions. And including them on your resume is just as convincing for employers.

Volunteering in Uganda in a professional program like teaching, nursing, Agriculture and construction is just a different way to help people as well as improve on your profession.

Life is a wonderful journey and you never know where it will take you. Volunteering in Uganda can help you be more than a passive traveler. You can make a plan and actively build skills to enhance your professional lives through volunteering.

Benefits of volunteering in Uganda.

The benefits of Volunteering in Uganda give you a chance to build on the skills you already possess and as well learn new ones.  These skills include teamwork, communication, problem-solving and task management, etc. When you volunteer you have to learn to communicate with a variety of people including other volunteers and local people. All this will help you develop the skills needed to be a good leader in your current or future employment.

Volunteering in Uganda shows you’re adaptable since it involves living with a local or sharing a home with other volunteers. This means you must live with people from other cultures and you must know how to adapt to the new environment. Many organizations are aware that international experience helps to shape character and shows you are adaptable.

It additionally gives one a chance to gain work experience in his/her field. Given the fact that most employers want workers who have work experience. Your volunteer experience shows employers that you can manage your time and complete your task. Your volunteer records can show an employer that you have the attitudes and skills they are looking for in a potential employee.

Another benefit of volunteering in Uganda is that it is a great way to meet people with experience in your professional field from who you can learn. In addition, you may find people willing to offer paid positions to talented volunteers. Getting to know people can bring you just more opportunities and more satisfaction in your current or future career.


Also, volunteering gives you a chance to build on your confidence. Which is an important thing one must possess most especially if he/she has never been employed before. It can help you feel active, useful, and productive.

Additionally, volunteering helps you find your passion. Being a volunteer in your professional field for a while allows you to see how your knowledge and skills can affect people’s lives for the better and this will help you feel happier in your work.

In conclusion, when you choose to volunteer in Uganda, you are not only offering your help to people who need it but as well living an unforgettable experience that will help you grow both personally and professionally.