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Kubbiri Roundabout

Wandegeya, Kampala - Uganda

Uganda Volunteer Tours

Volunteering in Uganda gives you profound opportunity yo further discover your dream community by arranging for you independent tours and adventure travel. Our ground team is dedicated to pushing boundaries and to redefine the term ‘responsible tourism’. Around the world the Volunteering in Uganda with our perfect mix of passionate locals and international travelers.

Our tailor-made itineraries offer excursions to world-renowned sites, while simultaneously demonstrating meaningful tourism, a love of nature, concern for ecological and humanitarian conditions and most importantly –  a passion for doing good.
If you are ready to leave your comfort zone and immerse yourself in all the magic that voluntarism in Uganda offers – contact us! You won’t regret it!

Our knowledgeable and very passionate local team members with over 5 years of arranging outstanding responsible tourism will make you encounter an incredible on.

Volunteering in Uganda is currently arranging tours to Uganda only. Choose from the list of our well crafted packages or contact us to prepare an appropriate package that meets your expectation.

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