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Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda
Footprint Volunteer Uganda provides truly rewarding and endorsed volunteer and internship opportunities in Uganda.
You can choose an appropriate program from our volunteer programs, that suits you or your group irrespective of age, background, gender, skills, or work experience because. We believe there is always a great impact your visiting can cause.
We trust you can still meet these amazing people, learn and share with them in quite a lot of ways.
Our very experienced, passionate, and motivated team organizes a suitable volunteer program that exposes you to the various culture, tribes, towns & people of Uganda as you interact and engage with numerous groups or communities that you meet during your volunteer program. You can choose from any of our four major volunteer programs. Join us now and start changing lives as you volunteer!


How we work

If you’re interested in an immersive volunteer trip to Uganda, Footprint Volunteer Uganda will provide a very engaging, inexpensive, and trusted Uganda volunteer program just for you.

Our Uganda Volunteer programs allow you to take an active part in an involvement that empowers you to support abandoned children, vulnerable elders, and youths of Uganda, a Community empowerment program that allows you to share life-changing skills with the Ugandan poor, education program – where you can teach in any of our partner school and share your insights.

Whether you’re a student, you’re taking a gap year, or you’re a professional or a career break traveler, you’re going to find a volunteer placement, language involvement opportunity, TEFL certificate course, or hands-on internship such as a teaching English abroad internship (no teaching experience required) from the award-winning organization, Footprint Volunteer Uganda, that will permit you to encounter the best that Uganda has to offer, make a difference, and meet new friends. Teaching English to children in a classroom setting in a remote community is a great way to partake in childcare projects in a principled and justifiable manner.

If you’re a current or aspiring doctor, nurse dentist, or another medical professional, our medical volunteer opportunities and internships will be of great advantage to you!

Useful information before you volunteer in Uganda

British and US nationals need a visa to enter but this is easy to obtain on arrival. Ask for a 90-day tourist visa charged at $100USD in cash.

Uganda experiences extreme weather since it is in the Equator! It is hot and sunny most of the time but does rain quite a lot too.

Temperatures are usually around 26 degrees Celsius/78 Fahrenheit. Around Kampala – Uganda’s capital and Entebbee, two large lakes and a mountain range, we are completely immersed in what essentially is a micro-climate.

As compared to any other trip, do your research about the cultural and social norms before arriving. Kampala is a very peaceful and safe district. However, it is recommended to take reasonable precautions to keep safe. The list below is not exhaustive!

  • In good time before you go, visit your doctor and make sure you have taken all the necessary vaccinations and obtained antimalarial.
  • When in Uganda, try not to stand out by having expensive cameras and iPhones on display.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and legal consequences are severe. If you identify on the LGBTUA+ spectrum please restrict your behavior in public and be sensitive to local opinion, however thought-provoking it may be.
  • Stay with the group and always follow the advice of the Volunteering in Uganda staff.
  • If drinking alcohol, be responsible and always check your drinks.

It is common for parents to worry. That’s how caring parents feel, however, what are you going to do in Uganda? Which part of Uganda are you visiting? Is it safe? Who is it with? Can they be trusted?

We are glad to talk to your parents to reassure them about what you are doing and answer any questions they may have. We get frequently asked about this!

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