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Community Development

Volunteer in Uganda Community Development

Community Development program

Become a volunteer in Uganda and join one of our most unique projects in Uganda.

Uganda depends entirely on Agriculture and therefore volunteering as you train local farmers, help local women groups, and sensitize women, child abuse advocacy can be very rewarding.
When considering community members’ empowerment in Uganda. To make volunteerism a relevant, purposeful engine for democracy and sustainable communities today, and by doing so, to create a vibrant, purposeful society tomorrow.

Our community development plan involves working alongside local people on community development programs. This includes education, women’s empowerment, environmental monitoring, income-generating activities, health management, and mapping. All these can be done on Mondays, Fridays, and weekends.

Women Empowerment program

Women Empowerment program works towards better welfare and social development of women from poor areas within the capital city and rural areas of Uganda. Many of these women come from very poor family backgrounds and have low levels or no education at all with the utmost need for support. Volunteers can make a big difference in these women by sharing love and warmth.

Participants/volunteers who choose to work for women’s volunteer programs in Uganda need to be highly determined and understanding. They would be required to adjust to the situations and share knowledge that they possess with these women. Volunteering among women in Uganda is of great importance as it can bring about a paradigm change in this gender section.

Making them aware of global trends, and helping them learn a skill that can help them become independent. This is the ultimate objective of this volunteer program in Uganda. Volunteers interested in making a difference in women’s lives would find this project fulfilling and rewarding.

If you want to change a culture, empower women, improve basic hygiene and health care, to fight high rates of infant mortality, the answer is to educate girls.

Volunteering in Uganda therefore, understands that the future of many communities lies in the hands of empowered female leaders. Who may share their knowledge in the community’s best interests? We believe in equal opportunities for women in Uganda. Therefore we have created a variety of projects which assist women to overcome current adversity. To not only survive but thrive in society.

Through this program, volunteers have a chance to assist in women’s empowerment. By boosting literacy and health education, providing income generation tips, microcredit loans education (Literacy), Rights and life skills, saving and credit – micro-credit through cooperatives, income generative skills training, women’s health, and maternity education, teaching the English language to young women, help with small business skills.

We see the rise in quality of life for the women as fundamental to positive development for Uganda as a whole by providing women with the tools to be at the helm of their future successes.

Many challenges within the community stem from the fact that educated men tend to leave their communities to find work, while women stay home. A locally based women empowerment program has the potential to transform these women into powerful forces within their community.


Youth Empowerment Program

According to Wikipedia, The unemployment rate for young people ages 15–24 is 83%, ( UNICEF generally defines youth as being between the ages of 15 and 24 years old). in Uganda. This rate is even higher for those who have formal degrees and live in urban areas. This is due to the disconnect between the degree achieved and the vocational skills needed for the jobs. That is in demand for workers.

Those without a degree are also not able to obtain jobs because they lack the skills needed for the position. Or they don’t have the resources such as land or capital. Some youth also have negative views on certain jobs so they are unwilling to take them if offered a position. Youth unemployment poses a serious political, economic, and social challenge to the country and its leadership.

The cycle is making it increasingly difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty. Informal sector work accounts for the majority of young

workers in Uganda. 3.2% of youth work for waged employment, 90.9% work for informal employment, and 5.8% of the Ugandan youth are self-employed.

This calls for sensitization of the youth through sharing, success stories experimentation with different case studies, acquisition of some important skills such as leadership,  at times even a financial push where needed.

On the other hand, youth are also encouraged to take part in community stimulating activities that include;
  • Leading and attending Events
  • Youth advisory programs
  • Aid work in remote parts of the country
  • Elementary and high school clubs
  • Development of projects and more,

Working towards women empowerment and enabling them to pursue healthy sustainable livelihoods. Women groups provide a forum for discussing issues such as:

  • Income generation
  • Women rights
  • Family health
  • Access to resources

Volunteer tasks under Women Empowerment program

  • Our volunteers assist these two groups in different ways, depending upon their needs. Typical volunteer activities under the women empowerment volunteering program in Uganda include;
  • Teaching English language to the young women.
  • Training women small finance groups on proper account keeping.
  • To lead activities that teach/train life skills, e.g. leadership skills, decision making, problem solving, communication skills, coping with stress, etc.
  • Participating in and initiating awareness raising activities in various issues.
  • Develop small grant proposals to fund women’s empowerment programs.
  • Work with women in their farms.
  • Arrange activities that improve self-confidence and educational development.
  • Research and conduct case studies on women empowerment programs,
  • Teach and promote women rights.
  • Work with LUF local staff to train women.
  • Help teach arts and crafts.
  • Help explore possible market for women’s products.
  • Write about success stories, but keeping a critical viewpoint.
  • Help the NGOs with work on various different projects.
  • Provide support in IT related work; such as website update, social media, typing and maintaining of records.
  • Work with women to teach them skills such as sewing, painting, cooking, computer and other skills which can help them in their daily lives.
  • Provide counseling and monitoring.
  • Provide guidance for nutritional and wholesome diet.
  • Research for funding agencies and raise funds for local projects

The Women Empowerment program is devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, education and mentoring of girls who have been victims of: Rape, forced marriages, teenage pregnancies, school drop-outs and HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons.

The mission of this program is to empower young disadvantaged girls and women in Uganda. Many more are forced into early marriage, and millions are forced to seek refuge from armed conflict and gender based violence.

This program is aimed at improving and providing quality life to suppressed and under privileged women in Uganda. The main focus of this project is to help girls and women that have been abused, raped, and taken advantage of in any way possible. Volunteers who choose to volunteer for women empowerment will be required to assist with two groups at the center;

  • Girls aged 10-17 who have been sexually or physically abused.
  • Young pregnant women and young mothers.

The first group of girls is that which has recently gone through, or are working through the emotional effects of going through a traumatic experience, while the second group of girls is that which is in crisis. Some of these young women have been shunned by their families and communities for becoming mothers out of marriage. Others are women of varying ethnic backgrounds who have been raped, or abused.

Volunteering in Uganda invites all interested volunteers to help women through these programs. Come with expertise and share your knowledge or come to learn and share experiences with others. Your small effort makes a big difference to ending discrimination against women in the most marginalized communities. It takes time for you to learn about the local women before you start your actual work and you need patience for that. Change is not dramatic, not at first, but the series of decisions you make within the organization have lasting long-term effects.

  • At least 20 years or older at the start of the program.
  • Have an open mind and flexible attitude towards working in new and different environments.
  • Prepared to do some manual work during their placement.

Interested in our community Empowerment program?

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