Vulnerable children in Uganda
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A guide to volunteering in Uganda

Besides being a small land-locked country, Uganda is famously known as the pearl of Africa. It boasts incredible stunning sights and remarkable activities for eager adventure enthusiasts looking to volunteer in Uganda.

Explore the monstrous mountains of Rwenzori. One of the tallest mountains in Africa, admire the fields of flora, fauna, and wildlife. Surely, you will spare no time enjoying the spoils of the African country.

Uganda is one of the safest countries in all of Africa. Tourism and volunteer trends are skyrocketing in Uganda so hop on board and see what the hype is all about!

The volunteering experience in Uganda takes on many forms. But each form will open your mind to a new and exciting world. Based on your desires, you can choose to build and maintain local developmental projects. Work closely with job creation efforts, and join the health care promotion industry hence crafting your adventure.

No matter your choice, commit yourself to promote a healthier, more productive. And a more enjoyable lifestyle for the local communities you work with. This helps you to build confidence and eradicate poverty while experiencing Uganda.

Why should you choose to volunteer in Uganda; with the diverse attractions like massive mountain ranges, expansive rivers, diverse wildlife, and unique culture among others? One visit to Uganda will blow your mind in seconds. Feel rewarded with a burst of energy when you decide to volunteer in Uganda.

The unique volunteering program you will choose in Uganda; will through you in a foreign world with tastes, smells, and sights that only your dreams can imagine. During your off days, join your colleagues and explore the busy bazaars, coffee shops, mountains among others in and around your volunteering area.

In Uganda, there are many volunteer programs that you can participate in and change the lives of the Ugandan community. Some of the programs are discussed below;

One of the programs is the orphanage; this program will help you show some love and tender care for the kids. Such as help with feeding, bathing, cleaning, homework, treating minor wounds, entertaining, and many others.

This program mostly helps the volunteers who love to work with children in a fun and educative way.  The primary focus of the orphanages is to provide care, education, feeding, clothing, and a shelter that children can call home.

Normally the children that are found in the orphanages range in age between 3-16 and have either been abandoned or orphaned. These orphanages are built by the selfless locals who out of love and compassion are doing all they can to keep unfortunate kids out of the streets and give them hope and aspiration into the future.

These orphanages are most often in need of local and international support in many capacities such as administrative work, general help, fundraising, or new creative ideas to continue helping the kids. Therefore if you choose this program, the money you will pay will help in running the orphanages in Uganda.

Recreational activities are another volunteering program found in Uganda you can participate in. Mostly in this program the volunteer assists in sporting activities or introduce new dance moves, drama performances, music skills, sport techniques, etc. The volunteer can help in organizing competitions and shows.

There are very many volunteering programs in Uganda that you can participate in. Those mentioned above are some of the few volunteering programs you can engage in while volunteering in Uganda. If you think of volunteering abroad thing of Uganda, you won’t regret it.


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