Challenges of Volunteering in Uganda
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Volunteerism in Uganda does a lot more than you could ever imagine. Giving in your time and efforts to serve a community at a free cost starts a string of positive events that happen at the time you decide to volunteer.

Volunteering in Uganda has both short and long-lasting impacts on communities that are left for years even after the volunteers leave. The fact that Uganda is simply a developing country, it needs assistance almost in all aspects of life.

While most volunteers in Uganda only realize the personal benefits of volunteering, say improving self-esteem, building bonds and friends, ending loneliness, emotional stability, happiness, and many others. Volunteering in Uganda has a more measurable impact beyond what some volunteers can realize.

Let’s explore how volunteering in Uganda has impacted her communities.

Economic improvement.

Remember time is money, as more people donate more time to volunteering in Uganda, there is a tremendous economic impact. Volunteers in community projects, hospitals, schools, orphanages, organizations, and many others mean a reduced amount of expenses going to salary payments. Work that would have been done by full-time workers is sometimes reduced by the volunteers. This means organizations and projects will have done a lot of work but at a reduced cost. The increased number of volunteers in a community still implies more sales and purchases. Important to note is also that some volunteers even go beyond and donate to the projects or communities they are volunteering in.

Enhances collaboration and socializing.

Most of the community service projects require many resources and several different specializations for success. On several occasions, many strategic partnerships are drawn between organizations, governments, private businesses, and universities. Volunteers in different organizations also bring in more new partnerships in their circles. Even the local staff and community members get new connections and networks, something that widens their circles of friends and exposure.

Public service delivery.

In poor and rural communities, public service delivery is at its worst. Most of the public services are not available to residents. From transportation, healthcare, technology, water to electricity, and many others, the government and economic conditions have fallen short. Have seen volunteers joining road construction projects, offering health services in public hospitals, teaching Maths, English, Computer and many other subjects at all levels of education. This has made service delivery in the rural and poor areas quite easier than before, and it is surely attributed to the efforts and works of volunteers. They are the true impact of volunteering in Uganda.


Most rural communities have gotten more exposure with the increasing number of volunteers they receive. Say the Batwa community that is an establishing community after the Batwa people were resettled outside Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. This endangered group of people was nearing to extinct. But the more volunteers who came in, the more popularity which exposed it to even more funders. So volunteering in Uganda also increases the exposure of the community at large and the local people. Besides, even the local people are introduced to new technology, new ideas, and whole new perception of things.

Volunteerism in Uganda is of more positive impact on the country. Many communities, organizations, and people have benefited from volunteerism.

Have you been thinking of Volunteerism in Uganda, don’t hesitate, it’s ideally the best solution you will ever make. Watching yourself changing and impacting lives is a spot for life.

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