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Community Volunteering in Uganda

When planning to volunteer abroad there are almost endless possible destinations. So why volunteering in Uganda? When thinking about Uganda, the first things that come to mind are the beautiful Lake Victoria and rare mountain gorillas living high up in the Uganda forests. Still there’s so much more to explore and learn as a volunteer in this remarkable country.

Regardless of its small size, Uganda offers a great variety of experience and places for volunteers to explore. As a volunteer in Uganda, you are able to see diverse landscapes from mountains to forests and the beaches along Lake Victoria. Apart from the things you will learn from your volunteer work, there’s so much more to explore in your free time.

There are multiple ways to uplift a community like building classrooms, helping with environmental awareness projects, teaching and sports coaching, the possibilities are endless if you are flexible, open minded and proactive.

Volunteering in a community involves helping people, so that they can help themselves. To volunteer in a community is a life time changing experience. Educating young people in local communities is a way of giving them the resources to escape poverty and for them to help their own communities grow in a sustainable manner. When volunteering in a community you share the joy with the locals as they learn new life changing skills and abilities, which helps them towards a better future.

Community volunteering involves many things liking working in an Orphanage, teaching English or mathematics and also sports in a local community school. You can also be part of the different outreaches.

It helps you to share knowledge, experience and time with the vulnerable local communities. However even when there is no gain an individual gets an opportunity to use their talents with the community as well as developing new skills from the community where she/he is Volunteering thus improving human ways of life.

Community volunteering helps you to build up a strong and competitive resume in a job market as many as Eighty six percent of influencers believe that doing a certain thing makes you more competitive among a pool of job seekers.

What could be more rewarding than immersing oneself in a new culture and empowering communities by helping then achieve the awareness necessary to have greater control over their environment? Community volunteering breaks down into many different categories, it is generally defined as a social groups of people working together towards a common goal to build a strong community.

You can help build new houses for the vulnerable people in the communities or teach them how to promote personal hygiene in their community.

Any volunteer looking for a more physical work, community volunteering like construction project might be the best option for you. Volunteers can also work on a variety of environmental projects to provide access to clean water, sanitation and an improved infrastructure, whilst protecting the environment we live in.

Community volunteering gives you a chance to meet the vulnerable children, women, elderly and meet their particle, physical and emotional needs. It gives you a chance to make a great difference in local communities.

However if you’re not interested in volunteering in local communities, Uganda has many volunteering opportunities you can choose from. And even if you don’t have experience, worry not Just book a volunteering opportunity with volunteering in Uganda and enjoy your volunteering period in Uganda.



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