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There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities in Uganda. The increasing number of orphans, the poor health services, the heightened levels of poverty and low standards of living, suffering youth, several community projects going on, and many others.

Do you want to see yourself changing lives in Uganda? Countless Volunteering programs in Uganda make positive impacts on the local communities.

Volunteering in Uganda is cheap yet a fantastic way to explore the pearl of Africa, travel, and experience Uganda’s beauty as well as empower communities. However, for the best possible experience, volunteers need to make the right choices, so here are a few best volunteering programs in Uganda that you shouldn’t skip your eyes on while o  any Uganda volunteering trip.

Support community services volunteer program

Uganda has a diverse scope of community development programs where volunteers can engage in. Community developments in Uganda range from social work, construction, and working in arts and culture, such activities require you to apply your interests and skills. Several volunteers hold classes to teach children in drama, music, and arts. You can still volunteer in construction and environmental programs that improve access to clean water, infrastructure, and sanitation.

Animal and wildlife conservation.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa, has several wildlife species; elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, rhinos, gorillas, primates, reptiles, antelopes, lions, and many others summing to over 100 species. Uganda is, fortunately, home to over 600 mountain gorillas is almost three-quarters of the world’s total population of mountain gorillas. Volunteers have dedicated themselves to social projects that aim at conservation work. Work within communities, reforestation efforts, gorilla habituation, and research, as well as educating local people about gorilla conservation. These are all life-changing projects that empower the community.

Medical and healthcare volunteer program.

Volunteer opportunities in Uganda that are considerate about health care are sufficiently distributed through Uganda. Medical professionals can impact the community through working at hospitals as they still learn alloy and develop new skills in a new environment. You can engage in several projects like Health education, Hospital placements, Dentistry, Nursing, AIDS prevention, and Medical internships. This enables you to both gain experience as well as contribute to medical progress in Uganda.

Teaching in Uganda.

Volunteers in this field create one of the biggest impacts, especially to those who need it. You can choose to teach in a community school or teach illiterate adults. This becomes a great chance for all those who did attend school. Remember, quality education is key for the development of a community. As a volunteer, you can teach Maths, English, Spelling, games, and Sports, Reading and writing plus many others.

Childcare centers or orphanages.

Volunteers have also decided on working in childcare centers as a volunteering program. Taking care of the children, teaching them, cooking for them, helping them with homework, and just spending some time with the little innocent souls. You just don’t know how such an action can change lives.

If you ever what to volunteer in Uganda, despite the so many volunteering programs in the country, the above listed would be the best life-changing programs to engage in.

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