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Why you should volunteer in Uganda.

The British protectorate Sir Churchill at the end of his trip in Uganda, he nicknamed her the “pearl of Africa”. The country has been one of the countries in Africa that have remained out from the limelight of the global exposure.  You may get to read the top ten or fifteen beautiful countries to visit and fail to spot Uganda. But the reality is Uganda is a beautiful destination that must appear in the top five countries to visit and the reasons why are mentioned below;

The pearl of Africa is the only destination in the world to host half of the world’s remaining Population of the mountain gorillas. A gorilla trekking safari can do you bad during a weekends while volunteering in Uganda.

The locals of Uganda are famous for their hospitality nature. This country has more than 40 ethnic tribes. And once you choose to volunteer in Uganda, it will expose you to their different ways of living many others hence learning language and culture.

Since the land of Uganda very fertile, it is famous for producing fine fruits like sweet bananas, Pineapples, mangoes and so many others. When you’re in Uganda remember to taste the wine made out of bananas. Uganda is the right place for you to volunteer in next.

Do you know one of the youngest nation in the world? If no then listen, Uganda is one of the. And if you’re wondering how, more than 50% of her population is below the age of 15. So expect to engage with young people when volunteering in Uganda.

Besides it is one of the poorest countries in Africa and the world, Uganda’s people are very rich in happiness and contentment choose to volunteer in Uganda and meet her stunning people.

Discover Uganda’s favorite fast food when you volunteer in Uganda. The Rolex don’t be appalled, we are not talking about the watch but Uganda’s delicacy akin to a burrito with fillings of eggs and variety of veggies. Try one while on your volunteer trip to Uganda.

The pearl of Africa is a hub for wildlife besides being the home to a half population of  Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, the region also hosts the famous big 5 of Africa. Uganda is the perfect destination to visit if interested in wildlife watching in their natural habitat.

When it comes to big things, Uganda protects the tallest mountain range in all of Africa, the mountain of the moon (Rwenzori Mountains). It also covers the maximum portion of the largest lake on the African continent (Lake Victoria).

Oh yes Uganda has ever experience the days of wars and darkness but it overcame them and now it is branded as pearl of Africa. Tourism is its largest earning industry due to the amazing factors attached to this beautiful land.  Uganda has many more things for you and can only experience them during your volunteer trip in Uganda.


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