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Why we should raise a banner for the widows in Uganda

“People will rather pass by the weak, the lame, the beggars, the orphans, the tormented, the widows and take their large offerings to the church, to the man of God who already has a mansion and jets, what a shallow mindedness.” Quoted by Sunday Adelaja. And yes, this is very true, people pride themselves so much in giving huge sums of money in church than transforming the lives of the underprivileged.

Fine for the orphans, lame and beggars have fairly been assisted. Most of the sponsors in the country are looking at orphans. 10% of the pedestrians throw coins at the beggars by the roadside. But, who has come out to support the widows in Uganda?

Who is there for these lonely and abandoned women deep down in the villages to cry to? Who has taken the initiative to support them in these tough versions of their life? Yet they are the most despised people in the community.

Losing a spouse is a very challenging test, it is easy for someone to fall apart if not strong enough. This explains the very reason why most widows also die in a few months after the death of their husbands. Every time they think of the responsibility they have headed to and their young orphans left behind, it tears them down. The fear of living a life without their loved ones, the people they have known forever. And the agony of being isolated in society kills them softly.

However, there are these women who stay strong even after the death of their husbands. Those that are determined to face the world even without their men. The love for their children and their husbands’ reputation become their only driving forces amidst communities that condemn them as the source of bad omen.

These women; are the widows of Uganda.

Just like the strongest machines wear out, even these ladies wear out, they also sometimes feel down. And these are the very times that they need our support. You could fail to buy food daily, or take clothes, or send all the money you have, but just simple words of encouragement would make her feel loved and remembered in society. Remember it’s one thing to be loved and another to be remembered.

Visiting the Uganda widow is direct empowerment of these golden pillars of the world possessed with great endurance and strength. Together we can support the widows to a better position in society.


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