Disabled people in Uganda
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Three Simple Ways of Loving the Disabled People in Uganda

An estimation by the World Health Organization is that 10% of any population is disabled with persons with compromised ability to meet all their needs. The disabled people in Uganda need your support and love, not sympathy.

Disabilities don’t make them fewer people. They also have goals, purpose in life, and long-term dreams no matter the form of disability. Whether physical or mental, age, gender, or location because disability doesn’t mean being disqualified from having access to any aspect of life.

If we are to successfully bring up a loving and caring culture in Uganda, it must give chance to each diverse human gift to find its place in life. One that doesn’t create any gap for the disabled to regret the things that they are limited to by their form of disability.

Caring and showing great love to the disabled people in Uganda has the power of making them feel special. Probably when someone talks about this, you think of sponsoring them with your money. But this is not the case as some of these people even go to the schools of the disabled.

But Love goes beyond that and we can surely build a strong relationship with the disabled people of Uganda through these simple ways. Things that can give them hope, avoiding them from being disabled in spirit as well as physically.

Pay them visits occasionally. The disabled people also know how to have fun, visit them, spend some time with them. Take photos featuring them, you will see how they also have awesome camera poses that you didn’t know about. Such simple things make the world way so different for vulnerable people.

Donate gifts to them. Not referring to big gifts here, little gifts like toys to the children, clothes, scholastic materials, and others. Remember in the world there are no great things, but little things are done with great love. The little you give in with a great will does much more than the much forcefully done.

Throw them a party. Perhaps they have been visited often by different volunteers in Uganda and they have indeed donated a lot to them. But who has thrown them a party, for example, a Christmas party, or a birthday party? Just for them to eat, sing, and dance, something that they rarely experience in their lives? Wouldn’t it be so amazing for them just to see a staged disco in their music compound all for to enjoy till late?

The world will never be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in. And such things deem to be small, but they speak volumes in the lives of the people that are disabled. They wash away the feeling of rejection that fills their hearts in most cases.

Together as one let’s love the disabled people in Uganda, we can support them, visit and donate to them. That way we shall make this world a better place for everyone to live.




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