What to pack on a volunteering trip.
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What to pack when on a volunteering trip.

Packing for a volunteering trip can be a headache but when you have the right guide it turns out to be fun! After all, you’re getting ready for a lifetime trip. However, it can be tricky when you’re weighed down by a backpack twice your size. Don’t worry we’re going to take you through how to pack for a volunteering trip. Below are the packing hacks that will save your suitcase and sanity.

An open mind;

It is so common that we all get excited when we’re planning a trip and can’t help trying to picture what experience will it be like. However, the perfect experiences are the ones that take you by surprise when you haven’t built up any expectations. Many things while volunteering will take you by surprise and you can even imagine the experience you will gain. It is better to pack and open your mind so that you will be able to embrace everything your volunteering adventure throws at you.


Once land in a new country, you have to adapt to their culture and this doesn’t just happen instantaneously. It is very vital to have patience with the new cultural surroundings that you might find testing at times. You have to give yourself self-time to adapt and become comfortable with everything your volunteering destination.

Pack comfortable,

suitable clothes and footwear; Many volunteering opportunities in Uganda are hands-on, so be ready to get a bit mucky or your favorite outfit to get ruined. Pay attention to the climate and also the social environment of the place you’re going to volunteer in. It doesn’t matter where you’re going to volunteer in or teaching, gardening, working with animals among others. It is better to put on comfortable clothes and shoes that will make you feel at ease and carefree.

Get a toiletries bag that can fold;

Toiletries like soap, shampoo, first aid kit can occupy space in the bag so to save that space find a toiletries bag that you can hang somewhere in your volunteer accommodation. It helps you to keep organized and safe in space.

Try to not get the printed boarding passes, flight itineraries among others. And instead, download them onto the smartphone or tablet. Not having to flip through dozens of papers will save you time and stress. Organize every some belongings you need to check in with ease in a passport wallet.

What to bring for your volunteering project; have a chat with your volunteering company about what you can bring from home to support your project. As they can work directly with the local team to find out what is truly needed on the project. The company will also advise you whether it is possible to purchase them in the country. Which is the preferred option where possible.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have to carry the supplies on the plane with you but it means any money you spend is invested back into the local economy.

Now when you have packed your material objects, think about your mindset while it may sound corny. The best thing you can bring on a volunteer trip is a positive attitude and an open mind. Even if you end up in areas where the weather is hot if you have a positive mindset this oversight won ruin your trip.


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