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Why volunteering is worth your time.


Volunteering in any place whether in your country or overseas is very important. Volunteering gives you a whole outlook on life and allows you to access people plus the experience that a way beyond your world and comfort zone.  In this current world where expertise and innovation is key, we must not limit ourselves to just degrees. The vital and practical skills are attained outside the classroom. Therefore volunteering enables you to again relevant and vital skills that takes you through life.

Most people think that volunteering is wastage of time since you work for free. And others think that they have no time. However that doesn’t mean that volunteering shouldn’t be a priority. Below are the reasons why it is worth to volunteer no matter how busy your schedule is.

Combat selfishness; Taking care for others isn’t necessarily restricted to community service. Once you have a friend going through a hard breakup or a relative struggling with poor health, your energies might be better spent supporting them than volunteering. Regardless to what form it takes, it is important to focus some of your time and energy to others.

Passing all your time thinking about your concerns, stress, and plan among others is exhausting. It also leads to selfishness. The best reliable method of destroying selfishness is sacrificing your interests including your time to the interests of other people.

To volunteer won’t make you gain money but it can get you work experience which might be more focused than you expect. For instance, if your career is to become a teacher, volunteering in a school will give you two things; gaining experience and at the same time give you a chance to sight your future while teaching.

Multiple studies have been done on the relationship between people’s physical and emotional health and amount of time they spend on a community service and these studies show that 94% of the people feel happy after volunteering. It is said that volunteering frequently leads to better cardiovascular health.

Multiple explanations have been given for these benefits like improved self-esteem, the satisfaction of doing meaningful work or volunteers already being disposed to take care of themselves but the reason is less important than the effect. Putting volunteering to your to do list might cause stress sometimes as you try to figure out how to finish it all but volunteering itself relieves stress.

Volunteering allows you to learn, and at the same time sharing ideas with others yet changing or blessing someone’s life. It is obvious that volunteering is worth your time. Sometimes the impact is not seen there and then but in reality you’re touching many lives of the vulnerable people through volunteering.

If you have never experienced volunteering, it is the right time to give it a try. Once you start volunteering, you can’t regret why you took that decision of volunteering in Uganda or any other country.

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