How to make a difference by volunteering in 2019
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How to make a difference by volunteering in 2019

Everyone has something in mind to do in 2019 but all of you would agree on one thing, to have a happy new year ahead.  It is automatic that everyone wishes to do good in 2019 and there can be various ways in which you can make a difference. A positive change is not just about the contributions you make to the outside world but also your inner changes that happen overtime.

Be a responsible traveler and contribute towards nature’s well-being; since tourism is flourishing immensely, travelers are getting better options and opportunities to explore places which weren’t accessible even half a century ago. However, this has a negative impact as well the natural habitats are destroyed to establish touristic hotels and resorts.

The rising temperature is leading to the melting of glaciers, and also affecting the animal life. And in other parts of the world, there is massive wastage of food and water resources.

You can play your part by not doing anything that harms nature as a responsible traveler. You can also enlighten your fellow travelers about the same. Still you can volunteer in a conservation project and actively participate in taking care of wildlife, plants, among others. Besides giving you a sense of satisfaction, it will make this world a better place to live in.

Choose a cause you are passionate about and work for it. It is very easy and possible to deliver the best once you do what you love.  If loving children is your passion then take a chance to volunteer in an orphanage or a childcare project in any developing countries and spend some incredible time with the children.

This will not only allow you to care, teach or play with them but also experience the true meaning of unconditional love. Most of the cute children in the childcare centers are victims of circumstances and are living a life that they don’t deserve. And a volunteer is like a messiah for them. You being there will show you how your acts mean to them.

In this year when some people around you will be cribbing about what they don’t have and miserable their life seems to be, take the lead and inspire them and start doing something that would help them embark on both an inward and an outward journey.

Join a healthcare program and help people to live a healthier life; not everyone is lucky. And others can’t afford access to proper medical facilities. Developing countries like in Africa people living in rural areas are often not treated when ill as there are merely any doctors.

However, as a medical volunteer you get a chance to work at a rural health center or hospital. Reaching out to a vulnerable person is the most satisfying experience ever! As the New Year has just started, take a pledge of committing yourself to something worthy. You can still make a difference by guiding people to live a healthy and hygienic life.

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