Vulnerable children in Uganda
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Ways to care for Vulnerable children in Uganda as a group.

Every New Year brings changes and chances to create new resolutions. We always look for ways to love the Lord and love our Neighbors, it’s hard to ignore the outstanding needs of the vulnerable children around the world.

It is possible to invite your family, friends or Co- workers to join you in the movement to care for the vulnerable children in Uganda. It may be a parenting group, bible study, family, book club, or anything else. Together, you can share in the giving spirit and commit to caring for vulnerable children.

One of the great options for a group that meets regularly like Bible study or book club. As a group commit to become a life hope sponsor. This type of sponsorship gives you and your colleagues an opportunity to participate in the adoption process even if you’re not in the position or not capable of adopting alone.

Still you can be an individual in the group and choose to sponsor one child in school. Multiple vulnerable children in Uganda have the passion to study but their families cannot afford to educate them. Giving such children a right to attain education is something great.

You will be giving them a weapon to fight poverty in their families. Most of the organizations in Uganda that reach out to vulnerable children like Love Uganda foundation offer opportunities to sponsor a child. To sponsor a child doesn’t require you to be wealthy. It is possible even with the little you have.

Volunteer together; Volunteering in Uganda is an organization that always looks for volunteers to help with various tasks and assignments in different places. Generally, volunteers use their talents and gifts to make a great impact in the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda.

Some of the great volunteering opportunities include; community development, education/teaching program, healthcare, orphanage / childcare, wildlife conservation, among others. Some organizations do offer free volunteering opportunities or at a subsidized cost.

Take a trip or safari to explore Uganda and also as an alternative way of giving back. Some tour companies like Love Uganda safaris give back to the community by donating 40% of the profit made on every tour to its sister company Love Uganda foundation and other communities.

This year, you and your friends can book a safari with Love Uganda safaris to explore different communities and slums where the vulnerable children stay and be sure your money is put to good cause.

It is not good for us to stay in our comfortable world. We have to go out as a light into the darkness. We must go to the waiting children who need hope and care for them in their distress.

Feed malnourished children; multiple children in Uganda wake up not knowing where the meal for a day will come from. But once you make an outreach and give such families some food stuff, these children will never have a worry about food again.

There are multiple ways you can be a major change maker in the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda. And once you choose to do something in their lives, however small it can be, the smile can never fade away from their faces.

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