How voluntourism benefits you.
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How voluntourism benefits you.

Voluntourism is a combination of volunteering and tourism; a practice that has become a widespread form of international travel. Voluntourism is the only way you can contribute to the sustainable development of a particular community while exploring a new country and its culture. It makes traveling immensely more meaningful, by giving something to the society visited while having multiple experience.

Voluntourism has multifarious effects which combine to create an inward as well as outward journey for you.

Below is the breakdown of the impact voluntourism can have on a traveler.

Voluntourism allows you to explore a country more closely; what is your purpose of traveling abroad? Is it to take more photographs and chill at the less crowded tourist spots? If so, please think again! That is what everyone is doing. Try out something new which will encourage others to follow your footsteps. Once you travel to volunteer, you get to spot the destination more closely, get more involved with the local community people, and also explore the virgin places in a particular country.

Uganda is one of the most popular holiday destination and people travel from all over the world to relish the experience of gorilla trekking, birding expedition, culture as well as the buzzing nightlife of Kampala city. You can make a difference by volunteering either in an orphanage or any of your preferred field in Uganda, while enjoying everything else the pearl of Africa has to offer.

Voluntourism helps you enhance your skills; we believe everyone is blessed with a set of skills. Some are aware of them and others just discover and polish them with time. It can be something incredible if you rediscover your skills while enjoying a safari abroad. Uganda has multiple volunteering opportunities to choose from, during a holiday. The development of volunteer’s skills is often accelerated and enhanced by encountering new problems that may arise anytime during the course of your volunteer work.

Nurtures your emotional intelligence; Voluntourism helps you in developing a raft of personal and professional skills including cross cultural communication and empathy. The crisis situation in a different country will not only test your patience but also check the balance of your emotions and intelligence.

Changes your perspective of the world; Voluntourism is one of the most formative experiences of a traveler’s life. It changes the perceptions of an individual’s outlook on the world. Once you engage yourself in serving people, you realize that the world has much affection to offer. Still when volunteering, you connect with other volunteers from different countries hence providing real knowledge about a wider world.

Boosts your career; Voluntourism is an excellent means for career enhancement. An experience in a different country, serving a community you barely knew, and exploring a place from a completely new perspective will add some extra value to your resume, making your employer look up to you. It will also keep you ahead of your peers, who may lack ground level experience and exposure to diverse life experiences.

Once you decide to have a safari to any of your preferred destination, try to look up volunteering opportunities and find out how you can serve your host country while exploring new things.

The Experience of discovering the pearl of Africa is definitely breathtaking. A trip to Uganda can be more fulfilling if you contribute your valuable time engaging yourself in Volunteering programs with poor kids at a local orphanage, caring for the sickly, elderly and vulnerable people. Volunteering in Africa can be just as adventurous as taking any safari on a stunning island in the world.

It is true travelling is a memorable experience, but voluntourism is a journey worth taking at least once in a lifetime!


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