do's and don'ts while volunteering in Uganda.
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The do’s and don’ts while volunteering in Uganda.

It was a long time ago when Uganda was referred to as a dark place, especially during the dark past moments. Where it was experienced in the previous years. Today it is completely different as the country has turned out to be one of the safest nations in East Africa for tourism and volunteering.

Winston Churchill referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” rich in diverse flora, fauna, and spectacular landscape, full of hospitable people who are so welcoming and always down to earth.

Volunteering involves a lot of interaction with different groups of locals. And the interaction varies according to where the volunteer is willing to work from due to its involvement with the children and multiple vulnerable people.

However, there are dos and don’ts that you must follow while volunteering in Uganda.

Consider a moderate dressing code, as Uganda is one of the developing countries in Africa. The locals are always a bit conservative about dressing. It is far better to put on clothing that covers most of your body. Try to make sure that at least the dress is below the knee in length.

Safety measures

It is best to travel in a group when going to have fun in Kampala, especially during the night hours. If not inform your local coordinator about where you’re going to spend the day or the night.

Photography do’s and don’ts while volunteering in Uganda.

Memories are indeed kept in photography and every volunteer desires to have that photo taken. But before taking photos of different people first request permission from the person. Some people feel provoked once you take their pictures without their permission.

Some of the things to carry along while traveling to volunteer in Uganda include mosquito repellents and any other medicine that might be vital in case of any emergency.

Several countries may call the don’ts as hard conditions of living in Uganda. But the fact is these are happening on the ground in Uganda, here are the don’ts during your volunteering in Uganda.

Uganda is blessed with a favorable climate. It experiences 2 seasons annually; the dry season and the rainy season. Once you decide to volunteer in Uganda during the dry season carry along light clothes and sunglasses. During the dry season, the sunshine becomes too much in Uganda. And during the rainy season, the country is cool and cold so carry warm clothes.

Uganda hosts multiple foreigners since it is the pearl of Africa. Once you visit Uganda to volunteer, act like a local. This will give you a chance to experience the authentic Ugandan cultures.

Don’t try to carry expensive pieces of jewelry and other valuables with you while moving on the streets of Kampala. Uganda has thugs like any other country in the world. Putting on expensive jewelry will attract them to rob you. Also, be aware of pickpocketing in busy towns and cities.

In Uganda locals rarely use credit/Debit cards. Therefore you should not depend on using the credit card so much. The solution is to carry some cash along with you. Because in some areas it is hard to get an Automated teller machine (ATM) while traveling off Kampala.

Uganda is one of the remarkable destinations that can offer you a memorable experience when volunteering. Volunteering in Uganda can never disappoint.



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