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Why you should volunteer in Africa

Most people think that in Africa, poverty and diseases are widespread. But the media tends to exaggerate stories and this scares away potential volunteers from coming to Africa. The Media and journalists often focus on reporting the problems in Africa. But they don’t report the positive things in Africa.

If every person judged a location based upon the news, they would probably never travel. The truth is very little media coverage is given to positive stories. Leaving the general public to know less about the realities of a given region. However, it is very important to get the right information concerning any region that one wishes to volunteer in.

There are many reasons why one should not be afraid to volunteer in Africa. And if you have a plan to volunteer in Africa, just start planning your trip today.

The African continent is facing an economic boom that is lowering the rate of poverty. The increasing GDP is contributing to huge strides in education and healthcare. The continent has already seen its per capita income double since the year 2000. And the life expectancy has increased by one year every three years in the last decades. The HIV/AIDS infection rates and malaria deaths are down to 23% and 27% respectively.

The world can help to improve Africa in two ways; either by buying the African products and other is volunteering in Africa and spreading diverse skills. The volunteering programs in Africa are a two-for-one deal; volunteers get to directly support local communities while also helping the overall economy.

The African continent is full of friendly people. And volunteering in Africa will enable you to meet with genuine smiles, diverse cultures, hospitable beings, and a multiplicity of languages.

It is a myth that everywhere in Africa is dangerous and violent and this is one of the top misconceptions about volunteering in Africa. The media plays a big role in spreading this idea. Because often most volunteers are only exposed to Africa through news, social media, and printed materials.

Journalists tend to focus on the top problems and bad news rather than on the positivity. The truth is that violent crimes against Travelers and volunteers in Africa are rare. And cities like Kampala are rated as having the lowest crime rates than more popular tourist cities like Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil.

This is one of the reasons Uganda is an ideal location for volunteering and travel. Especially well known for volunteer opportunities working with children and the underprivileged.

Africa is a big continent and the second largest on earth. And it is as big as China, India, the United States and some parts of Europe put together; it is ideally too big to generalize, so when you do read about dangers or epidemics in Africa; it is important to check out where it is occurring on the map.

For instance, the Ebola outbreak and other epidemics are so rare in East Africa. Yet the distance from Uganda to Botswana in the South of Africa is further than the distance from California to New York.

Lots of people think that the only way to travel through Africa is on a budget-breaking flight and an Uber-Luxurious safari. This could not be more wrong! Flight costs to and from Africa greatly vary and there are several countries that you can explore on your own instead of participating in a guided tour. Many people find that the best way to experience the culture and people of this beautiful continent is to stay, travel and eat locally. The good news is that this is also very affordable.

Africa is one of the most extraordinary and diverse continents in the world! It is an enormous continent and diverse place that is full of wonder. And a volunteer program in Africa is sure to be filled with captivating cultures, dramatic scenery, and astonishing wildlife. Africa is made up of 54 countries and offers every kind of landscape a volunteer could desire. Hot deserts like the Kalahari and Sahara Deserts, Savannah grassland, Majestic Rivers, lakes and waterfalls, incredible coastlines, and mountains, among others.

Therefore, the reason why you have to volunteer in Africa is that most parts of Africa for decades have been at peace. Filled with friendly people, affordable, inspiring, and diverse continent. Choosing to volunteer in Africa will make your stay more amazing and unique. Because each day is a learning opportunity and as well a chance to share skills with the locals.


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