Staying safe and healthy in Uganda
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Whys to stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda.

The main reason why volunteers and visitors fear to travel to East Africa is because of health and safety. However, Uganda is safer than most of the American and European cities.

The major objectives of the real Uganda are to share the successes and challenges of life in Uganda. And the ways to easily stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda.

Uganda is a bit hotter mostly in the dry season. When volunteers visit during this season, they are advised to keep moving with drinking water or have an occasional soda or any other soft drink. Uganda has delicious fresh fruits which can help the volunteers to hydrate in such instances as sugarcanes, watermelons, and jackfruit.

When getting ready to come to volunteer in Uganda, remember to pack the anti-malaria tablets. Once you’re in Uganda sleep under a mosquito net that will be provided to you by your host family. If you follow this advice, you will stay free from malaria when volunteering in Uganda. However, once you get malaria, worry not the treatment is very affordable and widely available country-wide.  Uganda has an array of international clinics where you can get decent medication.

When moving in Uganda, volunteers should avoid putting earbuds or loud headsets in their ears. When out wandering, pedestrians in Uganda have to be alert to what is going on around them. Trucks, taxis, cars, boda-bodas, and bicycles always hoot from behind, therefore it is the pedestrian cue to step aside so they are not knocked.

Volunteers in Uganda mostly live in rural areas with local hosts. They are respected and offered support from the families in the community. Volunteering in Uganda gives you a chance to experience its tasty foods and fresh fruits. During the cooking time, you can intervene and teach the locals how to prepare international dishes.

Still, this helps you to interact and know more about the lives of the locals and their unique ways of living. Uganda has 40 million people and the number increases annually.

Unfortunately little is known about Uganda and the media plus Aid agencies give out the wrong story about Uganda. Hence scaring the volunteers to come to the pearl of Africa.

Uganda has a variety of foods that travelers enjoy tasting. Uganda produces multiple foods which are unique, such as Bananas (matooke), cassava, sweet potatoes, and many others served with delicious soup. And during breakfast travelers can enjoy tasting Uganda’s delicacy the Rolex which can be prepared in only 30 minutes. Volunteering in Uganda offers you unique experiences.

Volunteering in Uganda exposes you to new things like enjoying roadside food like gonja, roasted sweet bananas, senene, roasted cassava, and many others. They are prepared on the market’s roadside and mainly are sold to travelers in vehicles and buses.

When volunteers come to Uganda should treat everyone they meet in a friendly manner and dressing modestly will earn them respect and protection since Uganda is a friendly country, volunteers should expect to be greeted by everyone.

Even though Uganda is a friendly country volunteers should be careful with everyone who approaches them because not everyone is trustworthy. Therefore, volunteers should not carry their expensive phones and other belongings because Uganda is like other countries. Therefore volunteers should be careful on the streets in Uganda.




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