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Uganda is a gifted country located in East Africa. Water has covered the pearl of Africa . The green vegetation, the mountains, lake victoria, lake Albert, and lack kyoga.

Uganda is a land-locked country, but that does not stop visitors from coming around to enjoy the natural breathtaking beaches on the lake sides.

Uganda has a tropical climate because of its location on the equator and it has wet and dry seasons. Volunteers that come to Uganda can enjoy the cool air around the lakes and mountains and also tour around the country. 

Volunteering is one of the best ways to help those in need around the globe. There are so many places to volunteer in Uganda that is to say education or youth development, health, community development, agriculture and water sanitation, environmental conservation, and gender equality.

Below are some of the things you should know when planning a volunteer trip.

One should know what are some of the volunteer support does the organization gives. Some of the NGOs offer housing, meals, transport, and medical.

Some just offer housing, meals, and transport and do not cater for medical care. One should contact the country’s embassy in Kampala. The people in Uganda can also help in the shopping, domestic work, and other things. They are welcoming and always ready to help in all ways you just need to be friendly.

The volunteer should read about the history of volunteers, non-governmental organizations of Uganda. Uganda has both international and country or local non-governmental organizations. All these would be in a position to accept volunteers to assist in health centers schools, orphanages, and street children. One should be able to visit the website of the Uganda National Forum to see all the registered organizations.

Get to know the best way you will be able to communicate with your family when you come into Uganda. And the best way would be by phone call or emails as it will take 2-4 weeks for your letters to reach the people you are sending to. The weather changes in Uganda as they change from dry to rainy and from rainy to dry seasons so one should be sure of the weather changes to find the right clothes and shoes to pack.

You should know how volunteering will help you in the future. Volunteering in Uganda will give you a chance to get new skills, you will also be able to know and understand the new cultures on how they operate. Here you will be able to learn flexibility and independence plus tenacity.

One should be able to know how to save money while on your volunteer trip in Uganda. Small amounts of money  can cover housing and meals if you can have local cuisine and traditional ways. But the frequent trips to the biggest cities, expensive foreign meals, and private transport can drain your pocket. One should be able to adopt the savings things instead of spending a lot of money.

On a volunteer trip in Uganda, one should be able to know the best places to volunteer. there are so many community-based organizations and international organizations. You must be able to choose the best organizations to volunteer with as some ask for money to work with them.

One should be able to ask questions to understand the place he or she is going. The volunteer should ask questions like; what type of transport will be available or used the type of weather if it’s a dry season or wet season. How far will it be from the capital or airport? You will be able to know if there are other foreign volunteers in the country as the volunteer if coming.

A person”s health should also be known. As for Uganda per now, COVID-19 has taken up the whole world. Before boarding the aircraft, passengers are required to provide a negative COVID-19 test certificate issued 72 hours. The volunteers are required to be up to date on the typhoid vaccinations yellow fever, rabies and tetanus, and childhood immunizations (hepatitis A&B, Polio).

They should be able to keep safe their things as there are my thieves and reckless driving around Uganda. The volunteer should keep money and valuables hidden in different locations. Staying away from theft of things, you will need a heavy padlock on the house or bedroom door.

 In order to live in the country, the volunteer will need to get a visa. A single-entry tourist visa is valid for three months from the date of arrival and it costs around $134.00 and multiple-entry visa can be obtained and can last for 60 days from the day of arrival. 

In a nutshell, before choosing to volunteer in Uganda, the person should know all the requirements needed on the volunteer trip in Uganda. This is to avoid interruptions when the work has started. 

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