1 Day Kampala City Tour overview

Over view of the Kampala City tour. Sites to visit include;-

  • Religious tours
  • Cultural tours
  • Museum
  • Administrative centres

Detailed itinerary:

Visit the Gadhafi mosque:

This mosque is the major feature on the oldest hill in the city offering unrivaled 360 degrees views of Kampala from the Minaret where you have chances of seeing all the 7 hills that make up Kampala city.

Namirembe Cathedral:

If you happen to visit Uganda, then never miss reaching at this religious dome that was originally modeled in 1903 by the Baganda Kingdom Craftsmen in a more traditional style as a single large grass thatched cathedral which was sooner struck down by lightning; but was later replaced by the present magical structure. This Cathedral is part of the Church of Uganda but Anglican and as well known in Uganda most Anglican Churches are very evangelical unlike in the West. This beautiful structure perched on a raised hill overseeing the city Centre offers magnificent views for both local and foreign visitors.

Uganda national museum:

From Rubaga cathedral, drive to the national museum; which is the biggest and the oldest Museum in Uganda founded in 1908. The Uganda Museum is a remarkable collection of spans; over two million years of human history with a display of Uganda’s cultural heritage where one can see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. Enjoy an African history, cultures and treasures of Uganda under one roof. This museum is located in kamwokya – Kitante hill; just a few minutes’ drive from the city centre and adjacent to the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters.

Baha’i Temple:

Proceed to Bahai temple to visit the mother Temple of the Bahai faith in Africa. This being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa making Uganda a target destination for many tourists.

And just like the faith it represents, the Bahai temple is no ordinary house of worship. Sitting on 52 acres of land, the temple is a unique architectural master piece. Built between 1958 and 1961 on Kikaaya hill overlooking the city centre, three miles North of Kampala; the building is 130ft and its dome is a 44ft in diameter. It is a nine sided structure which represents togetherness and unity of the faith’s biggest tenets. It is perched on a beautiful park-like ground with lots of beautiful trees; most of them fruit tree species plus flowers as well as a green carpet-like grass with clear gazetted paths leading to the dome. This park-like environment attracts many people who sit on the grass and have peaceful moments or hold picnics.

Namugongo Martyrs shrine:

The Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrines is dedicated to 22 young Christian congregants who were brutally murdered by Kabaka Mwanga in 1885-1887 for their allegiance to Christianity. They were beatified in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV and later canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964. The 22 Martyrs are the only African saints to whom a basilica is dedicated. They are the largest group of saints ever canonized by the Catholic Church.

Every 3rd June, the Catholic Church and their counterparts of Anglican persuasion flock this place from all over Africa and the world. Most of them by foot to commemorate this day in honor of these religious heroes.

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