1 Day Entebbe tour overview

Detailed Itinerary:

Entebbe safari tourThe safari to Entebbe exposes you to the colonial capital of Uganda. It is the first town that welcomes each and every safari tourist that comes to the country. This town is so quiet and cooled with breezes from Lake Victoria; the beach palm trees and the botanical gardens filled with different species of birds. Entebbe is also a safari destination for both local and international visitors.

Attractions to view in Entebbe include; the Entebbe botanical gardens, Uganda wildlife Education Centre, extensive beaches, abundant bird life, Lake Victoria, Entebbe International Airport and much more.

In the morning after breakfast, the guide will pick you up from the hotel in Kampala and drive to Entebbe.  Later proceed to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens along Lake Victoria. These gardens are habitats for many primates, tropical vegetation, and hike on the white sand of Lake Victoria beach.

The prospect of neighboring fishermen casting their nets on canoes and the gorgeous scenery of the Victoria ascertains of a calm sunrise in a peaceful place blown by the cool lake breeze. In addition to a diversity of primates such as Baboons and monkeys, 20-25 bird species and butterflies. Then they serve lunch next to the beach under shade provided by the great palm vegetation. Local Uganda or intercontinental dishes are provided upon your order. They include; – grilled tilapia, Indian dishes etc., all served with a thrilling cold drink.

Following lunch break, you will transfer to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo); where you shall witness most of the animals and bird species represented in Uganda gazetted in a semi natural habitation. Popular species include; Crocodiles, Lions, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Hippos, Rhinos, Snakes, lots of bird species and numerous primates.

Head to Imperial Resort Beach Entebbe, where you will find the best white sand bordering a beautiful five star hotel. The unforgettable tour in the caves along this beach have been turned out into creative bars due to its unique features

It’s okay to swim in Lake Victoria with the locals if interested. Swim or dive into other swimming pools to work out your physique; after a full day of activities, finalize your trip with a dance to Ugandan local music and international tunes to warm your body at the beach.

End of Safari with Love Uganda Safaris.