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Teaching in Uganda

Teaching goes beyond the profession

A lot of attention has been put on education and not much on the educator or teacher. Education is both systematic and progressive and without education or learning, an individual is bound to become a public nuisance. Nelson Mandela once said that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ And truly for the world to change, much more emphasis needs to be put on education and teaching.

For education to take place, there must be a teacher, and sometimes life is our teacher and other times it is individuals. We must learn that teaching goes beyond the profession. A teacher has been defined as a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. So it`s not about the profession as much as it is about the person. It has been discovered that the first teacher any child has is his/her mother. Right from the womb, the fetus begins to pick signals from their mother and these signals are translated to affect their development. It’s the individuals that we meet on a daily that become teachers to us because from our various interactions with them, we learn to deal with many stresses and how to relate with people.

Teaching goes beyond the profession because, for a teacher to have a long-lasting impact, there must be passion, love, vision, a dream and the game-changer attitude within a person. A true teacher looks beyond what they will benefit from the service that they give and focus on what the learner has to gain. The beauty of it is that we don`t need to sit in classrooms for us to be teachers or learners because every day we meet potential teachers and students. It is our attitude towards them that determines what they will at the end of the interaction, walk away with.

Love and hatred, morality and ethics, good and bad, kindness and mercy; all these are not taught and learnt in a classroom. Some of these are learnt on the streets, others in market places and others from inconvenient places.

It means that we are all students and we are all teachers. We will always be teachers because it is our experiences that we teach and impart into others. Our interactions with others, the places we have been to and the events that take place in our lives make us teachers.

Some people choose to take up the teaching profession so that they can mentor, guide and impart skills into others as a way of changing them. Then some people are teachers at heart, and they go out of their way to make it possible for other people to become better. They source out for information that will empower others, and they look beyond the situations and limitations they might face and adopt better means of engaging their learners.

Many of these teachers fall under the informal education sector and they teach tremendously well. They teach soft skills, vocational skills, morals, ethics and values in society that group the emotional and psychological being of many individuals.

Now that you know that you are a teacher and the world is full of your students, you must build upon yourself and your interaction with the world. Become intentional about everything that you do because like it or not, the world is watching. And even though not everyone may care, there is a high probability that many people are picking the signals that you give off and these inform their world views. Be kind.

Sometimes we want to share our skills and are passionate about making an impact on hearts that are ready and willing to receive from us but we are limited by whom to contact. Look and believe, then you will see those grounds. And if it so happens that you are not a teacher by profession, find a community to volunteer. Talk to the local leaders in a particular region, let them know what your passion is and the motivation behind it and set it rolling.

If your passion stirs the desire to travel in order to do so, don`t hesitate, take a bus or a plane and travel to the grounds that will receive the seed you want to sow. We are sure that there are many people with a desire to learn but have limited access to teachers.  These will gladly receive you with open hands.

You could visit Volunteering in Uganda and let us give you the opportunity to teach under our community Development Program . Be it a skill, a story, a song or any lesson that is valuable and relevant for the social, mental and spiritual development of the child and other community members; we will avail the learners to you.

We are all teachers because it is much more than the profession. So let`s teach and forever learn.

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Have you yet thought about enjoying and exploiting the enormous benefits of volunteering in Uganda through https://www.volunteeringinuganda.org/?

With most of us living super busy lives, the idea of volunteering in Uganda is giving your time and energy to a cause. Without payment may seem hard or even an impossible task to undertake.

However, volunteering in Uganda is of great benefit and doesn’t have to take up too much time. And the benefits of volunteering are vast for the volunteer rather not just the community, individual, or organization receiving their assistance.

Benefits of volunteering in Uganda

To start with, volunteering in Uganda enables volunteers to build on their self-confidence and esteem as they engage in activities that impact communities where they are placed hence giving them a sense of pride and identity.

Volunteering in Uganda is as well a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to an area. It gets to strengthens your ties as a volunteer to the community and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities.

Volunteering in Uganda brings about happiness to volunteers as they get to witness so many lives changing and restoring lost hope to people in different communities. Human beings are hard-wired to give to others. The more we give, the happier we feel.

Adding on the above.

Furthermore volunteering helps one stay physically healthy. Different studies have shown that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not. Older volunteers tend to walk more, find it easier to cope with everyday tasks, are less likely to develop high blood pressure, and have better-thinking skills. Without forgetting that volunteering can also lessen symptoms of chronic pain and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, volunteering in Uganda can also help one build upon skills they already possess and use them to benefit the different communities in Uganda. For instance, if one holds a successful sales position, he/she can raise awareness for his favorite cause as a volunteer advocate. While further developing and improving his public speaking, communication, and marketing skills.

Interestingly, volunteering has distinct health benefits that can boost mental and perhaps more surprisingly physical health. Indeed, a growing body of evidence suggests that people who give their time to others might benefit from lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan.

When it comes to volunteering in Uganda is important for mental health, the benefits are clear. It can help counteract the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. Indeed, the social contact aspect of helping others can have a profound effect on your overall psychological well-being.

In an increasingly competitive job market, volunteering experience can be incredibly useful. It shows potential employers that you can take initiative and that you’re willing to give your own time. To improve the world for other people.

Furthermore, volunteering gives every individual an opportunity to practice important common skills. Used in the workplace, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, planning, and organization. Indeed, if you haven’t had a full-time job before then volunteering is an essential way to prove your skills. When you do go for work interviews.

By volunteering with an ongoing program, volunteers see growth and change. Whether working with children who are learning to read or adults who are developing trust with their peers. Volunteers can watch growth among their clients over time. This reinforces the volunteer’s sense of worthiness and vitality in the program.

Through volunteering, you can challenge yourself to try something different. Achieve personal goals, practice using your skills, and discover hidden talents.

Always bear in mind that nothing gets done by one person alone. Which means we have to band together to make the changes we want to see in the world. Volunteerism has indeed been the fuel to the fires of change both on international and local fronts. Volunteering in Uganda your time, skills, and resources is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference. To help others, and as it turns out, to enhance your wellbeing.

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Volunteering – a trend that is getting more and more popular. It means choosing to give some of your time and energy for the benefit of the community without expecting anything in return. This can be done by working for a non-profit organization, charity organizations, medical centers, and many others.

Countless organizations have come up to offer volunteering opportunities to world changers who would love to impact the generation and change countless lives for a brighter future.

With the increased death rates of AIDs victims, several young children have been orphaned. Women widowed, helpless girls lying in the beds of Mulago hospital Uganda; lacking even something very small to eat, the cancer patients die day and night leaving behind orphans. There is no one to help the disabled ones, Uganda is one of the best countries to volunteer in.

On completion of studies, most students from Europe have dedicated themselves to serving local communities in Africa. This is through volunteering projects in different countries. Something that is going to help them gain more new experiences, develop new skills as well as boost their confidence.

Volunteering starts with searching out for the best country and project that favors your desires, an environment that won’t bore you down.

But what is so special about Volunteering in Uganda? The first thing that hits your mind is the country’s beauty. Being the pearl of Africa, Uganda offers a grand range of experiences, not only volunteering but also adventure-wise. It is one country that furnishes awesome weekend getaways. A volunteer can easily have short weekend trips when he or she is not on duty.

Furthermore, the people of Uganda are the best people you would ever work with. The Ugandan inhabitants are so open-minded, willing to show you their country and their origins, as well as the delicious food. They are kind people with huge hearts that welcome everyone who comes their way.

Volunteering as a teacher

As a volunteer, you can work in different areas of responsibility that empower the next generation. Volunteers can teach English to young children at school helping the little ones improve their grammar and writing skills. At primary and secondary school you will teach them core subjects, such as English, mathematics, science, whichever you prefer, it’s a good move.

Volunteering as a medical personal.

Still, volunteers can work at a medical center or hospital based on their qualifications and desires. These clinics lack enough resources and staff – so as a volunteer, your assistance is needed and they are blessed with your help. You will work alongside doctors and nurses, so they can always guide you on the duties of the hospital.

The most perfect voluntary in Uganda, one that sums up all the above mentioned is volunteering at an orphanage. Working in an orphanage is an incredible way to help these poor children receive the love, care, education, and companionship that the world had denied them. It is always a great opportunity to improve the present and future lives of these disadvantaged children.

As a last possibility, we want to show you the work in national parks or with nature generally. You get an impression of the various flora and fauna that Uganda hides. This is also one self-esteeming action, knowing that you have once been part of Uganda’s conservation.

We can say that all these areas of responsibility are not only a big value to the local communities and the children but also for oneself. It expands your view of the world; it’s fun and adventure-filled. You meet open-minded people from around the world, you learn new ways of doing things, culture, and language.

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How to make a difference by volunteering in 2019

Everyone has something in mind to do in 2019 but all of you would agree on one thing, to have a happy new year ahead.  It is automatic that everyone wishes to do good in 2019 and there can be various ways in which you can make a difference. A positive change is not just about the contributions you make to the outside world but also your inner changes that happen overtime. Read more

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The do’s and don’ts while volunteering in Uganda.

It was a long time ago when Uganda was referred to as a dark place, especially during the dark past moments. Where it was experienced in the previous years. Today it is completely different as the country has turned out to be one of the safest nations in East Africa for tourism and volunteering.

Winston Churchill referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” rich in diverse flora, fauna, and spectacular landscape, full of hospitable people who are so welcoming and always down to earth.

Volunteering involves a lot of interaction with different groups of locals. And the interaction varies according to where the volunteer is willing to work from due to its involvement with the children and multiple vulnerable people. Read more

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A guide to volunteering in Uganda

Besides being a small land-locked country, Uganda is famously known as the pearl of Africa. It boasts incredible stunning sights and remarkable activities for eager adventure enthusiasts looking to volunteer in Uganda.

Explore the monstrous mountains of Rwenzori. One of the tallest mountains in Africa, admire the fields of flora, fauna, and wildlife. Surely, you will spare no time enjoying the spoils of the African country. Read more

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Whys to stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda.

The main reason why volunteers and visitors fear to travel to East Africa is because of health and safety. However, Uganda is safer than most of the American and European cities.

The major objectives of the real Uganda are to share the successes and challenges of life in Uganda. And the ways to easily stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda. Read more

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Volunteering opportunities in Uganda

Uganda is a pearl of Africa, it is well known for its striking physical features, safe and peaceful state, and as a bird watcher’s paradise. Unfortunately, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, and the majority of the population lives under the poverty line.

It lacks fundamental infrastructures like education, health care, clean running water, and waste management. Our projects in needy communities allow volunteers to share skills, knowledge, and experience to help others as they experience the cultures and explore the country.

Firstly Community development

Community development is one of the volunteering opportunities in Uganda. It is done in form of Education, teaching the locals how to write and read. The volunteer must teach the English language in classes, arrange the lesson plans, and among others. This opportunity allows the volunteers to interact with the locals hence learning the cultures of Uganda.

This also enables the unique aspects of the classes in the cultural exchange. Meaning the Volunteers get a chance to learn the diverse cultural backgrounds and understand more of the local culture. If one gets the TESL certification in the previous experience to manage English classes. Then there is a great opportunity for one to participate in the program with ease and gain valuable.

The requirements needed; one should be fluent in English, proof of age (copy of passport). One must be 18 years and above to start attending the appropriate projects with adult accompaniment.

secondly health care volunteering

Health care involves assisting the local healthcare team depending on your expertise or interest, this is done through organizing health workshops about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, voluntary testing and counseling, improving the sanitation and quality of drinking water in the villages. This includes building dry racks, digging latrines, clearing drinking wells, and educating on how to keep a healthy lifestyle, treating the patients.

This is done to Ugandans staying in rural areas. It is very hard for them to access proper healthcare. Rural communities are still experiencing the spread of diseases like childhood illness, measles, parasitic diseases, HIV/AIDS, and malaria.

So as a contribution, we have teamed up with our partner organization on the ground. To support the work of the rural community health clinics, centers, hospitals, and medical teams that run the dental general clinics through volunteering.

The health care program is suitable for volunteers who are medical experts, medical students, or pre-med students. Who is interested to share experiences to help others gain experience providing health service in a rural setting. This helps to educate the rural people on health-related issues. The requirements are fluent in English, proof of age, one must be 18 years and the possible workplaces are the clinics, health centers, and hospitals.

Lastly orphanage program

Volunteering in an orphanage is another program in Uganda. So the volunteers in an orphanage are expected to show tender care and love for the kids. Help them out with bathing, feeding, cleaning, and homework, and also treat their minor wounds.

One should also engage the kids in recreational activities like games, music, dance, sports and also teach the kids personal hygiene and moral behaviors. This particular opportunity is suitable for volunteers who love working with the children in a fun and educative way.

The main focus of the orphanages is to provide care, feeding, shelter, and clothing for the children. These children are typically around the age of 3 years to 16 years. And they have been abandoned by their family or some are orphaned.

These homes are the works of the selfless locals who out of their beautiful hearts and out of love and compassion are doing all they can. So that they keep the unfortunate children out of the streets. They are given hope and aspiration into the future.

Volunteering opportunities in Uganda are very many waiting for you to undertake this season. Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.


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Voluntourism in Uganda

Volunteering and tourism, when they are joined become voluntourism. And this is a common form of international travel that allows you to contribute to sustainable development. While exploring a new country and culture.

It is similar to volunteer travel or volunteer vacation and many people find that doing volunteer work while also participating in exploring the country’s beauty remains a great way to get the best from any holiday.

Voluntourism offers unimaginable chances to participants. Exploring new destinations and their unique attributes, and learning about the culture firsthand play a vital role in the community.

Since most of the volunteers live with local host families, in addition to the worthwhile work they do on their projects. They also experience the depth of cultural immersion and exchange which is impossible for typical tourists. The host families usually welcome volunteers into their homes and help them become part of the community. By acquainting their traditions and customs with volunteers. And some volunteers have even found themselves celebrating birthdays and weddings with their host families.

The time a volunteer decides to take a step to join a voluntourism program, they are joining a global network of volunteers who live and work with diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact. Volunteering in Uganda receives volunteers all over the world and this helps them to share their passion for giving back and the desire to broaden their horizons.


The most common form of voluntourism in Uganda is by visiting animal orphanages and zoos. Volunteers can work at animal orphanages, for example; Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary which deals in rescuing and rehabilitation of wild animals that have been injured, rescued from poachers or abandoned. Volunteers assist with feeding, handling, cleaning cages, assisting staff with providing medical care to these animals, and much more. Volunteers do not need any veterinary knowledge or special skills, just deep caring for animal welfare.

There are many animal centers, or animal orphanages in Uganda, including – Uganda wildlife education center, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Entebbe snake park, Reptile village, etc.

Volunteering and tourism has supported Ugandan communities in various ways;

When volunteers promote a well-run and sustainable volunteer project, they are helping to implement long-term development. Volunteers use skills, time, and energy to make a difference that will last long after they have returned home. Volunteers also help local teachers improve their teaching and classroom skills. Via various teaching projects and in this case, volunteers indirectly impact schools/institutions. And when a volunteer helps a struggling entrepreneur get their business off the ground at a microfinance project. The volunteer is helping support an entire family for years to come.

Voluntourism participants play a great role in the development of the local economy. Because in their free time, they get opportunities to go sightseeing. Undertake game drives, island tours, trekking, boat cruises, and many others.

We all know that Uganda relies heavily on the income from tourism. And so voluntourism is a way of generating revenue to the county’s GDP as well as supporting local businesses.

Voluntourism companies give employment to the communities and in most cases, workers have the opportunity to receive further training and education.

Voluntourism in Uganda is increasingly becoming common but it is extremely important to first research about the organization you are considering to travel with. Sustainability, experience, and financial responsibility are essential to running programs that truly benefit the population.







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Bring joy to the orphans of Uganda while volunteering in the Uganda orphanage.

Do you know how it feels to bring joy to the lives of young ones in Uganda? Volunteer in orphanages of Uganda and provide much love and support to these orphans.

Due to poverty and the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS in Uganda, millions of children become orphans every year. Many children are rescued from human traffickers or withdrawn from the streets by well-wishers, NGOs, and charity homes in Uganda; however, with little help from the government, many children are still homeless.

Charity homes and orphanages in Uganda are doing their best to educate, clothe, and house and feed these children; In other words, they cater for almost everything to the orphans and other needy children that find their way in.

However, they are underfunded and lack enough manpower to properly care for the orphans. Therefore, volunteering in Uganda orphanages will help these charity homes. To provide capable and cheap manpower, care, and attention to the children. Volunteer in an orphanage in Uganda and help create a haven for the orphaned children of Uganda.

Volunteers however should mind the orphanages they choose to volunteer in. Because some have capitalistic intentions other than helping to bring change in the lives of orphans in Uganda. Volunteering in Uganda is one of the orphanages doing its best to empower the next generation. Therefore, consider it while choosing an orphanage to volunteer in Uganda.

Since orphanages are the only places where the unfortunate children can turn to for protection, they need the help of volunteers, who can help in taking care of the children, undertaking community out-reach programs, teaching/training, helping to do housework, and simple medical treatment.

Orphanages in Uganda, apart from offering necessities that can allow orphans to grow up better. It also protects the children from exploitation. These institutions need all the help they can get. And you volunteering with them would help them reach out to more vulnerable children.

Children will undoubtedly appreciate the love and time that you devote to them as you inject fresh energy, inspiration, and skills into the orphanage.

There are no specific qualities needed to volunteer in the Uganda orphanages, though the knowledge of knowing Ugandan culture and diversity can help improve the experience for both parties, the volunteer and children. The volunteers, therefore, have to be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, and patient and strive to be good role models for the children.

Some of the activities that volunteers can participate in include teaching English and maths lessons, helping children to complete their homework, doing home chores, sports activities, identifying simple illnesses, playing and feeding the kids, community outreaches, and many others

Uganda has several orphanages that welcome volunteers; however, there are only a few which are trusty worth and among them is Volunteering in Uganda. It offers opportunities to everyone especially those interested in volunteering in orphanages. If you volunteer with Volunteering in Uganda, you will be doing a great job for the needy and orphans of Uganda.