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Refugees in Uganda

There is nothing as hard as living in a strange land, having to forcefully leave behind all the friends and relatives in to a new environment. Starting up a totally new and different life is something that is not easy to take on.

The hardships of living in refugee camps all alone with no one to rely on, but only you and yourself. Starting up new relationships in an absolutely new community, sometimes not even understanding the language spoken there. It is as hectic as digging a whole planted field. These people really need to be picked up. Read more

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How to choose the best ngo in Uganda to work with?

Very many people wish to work in an NGO due to the good work these non-profitable organizations do. But the question is how to choose the best NGO in Uganda to work with? Uganda has multiple NGOs that do different works. Some help the children, others are human rights organizations, and others help the health sectors plus education sectors. Read more

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Whys to stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda.

The main reason why volunteers and visitors fear to travel to East Africa is because of health and safety. However, Uganda is safer than most of the American and European cities.

The major objectives of the real Uganda is to share the successes and challenges of life in Uganda and the ways to easily stay safe and healthy while volunteering in Uganda. Read more

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How volunteering in Uganda can save the victims of the Bududa landslides

No one wishes to experience the landslides in their area but this is life, we don’t have a guarantee or control of what happens in our lives and communities. Landslides are not common in flat areas, they mostly affect a number of people living in mountainous areas like Bududa in Uganda. The landslides have made people homeless, the parents lose their children and children lose their parents. Bududa has so far experienced landslides three times. And the recent one occurred on 1th October this year after a heavy rainfall. It killed dozens of people and the rest were fatally injured.

The landslides stem from failure of materials making up the hill slopes and are beefed up by the force of gravity and when the ground becomes saturated, it becomes unstable hence losing its equilibrium in the long run. And when the landslide breaks loose, people living down the hills become victims of such a calamity unless a fast resettlement plan is done either by civil societies or the central government. Read more

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Challenges of living a disabled life in Uganda

Being with so many ethnic groups in Uganda, people have so many superstitions and some of them are incredibly unjust. Imagine thinking of the disabled people to be cursed, with evil spirits, or even perhaps punished by the ancestors for their actions.

There is little understanding that people with Disabilities are also just human beings, equal to everyone else and entitled to the same privileges, opportunities and rights. The disabled people in Uganda totally dependent on others for support. And yes, this is supposed to be because how can a person without arms or legs fetch water, of course there is some assistance required. Read more

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Empowering the African Youth.

Africa is believed to have over 200 million youths aged between 15 and 24 years old and this number is expected to increase. Each year, 10 million youth graduates join the work force. Because of this, Africa’s labor force will surpass both India’s and China’s by 2040.

A lot has been said and written about Africa’s impressive growth over the past decade and its emergence as the next global economic frontier. Excitement though has been tempered by the reality that for many, growth has neither translated into improved living standards nor created enough jobs especially for the youth. Read more

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Volunteering in Africa for free.

Volunteering in Africa gives you an opportunity to explore this magnificent continent. It does not matter what time you have; whether during your gap year, career break off during your university course, among others. Africa has all kinds of volunteer programs that will suit your interests. It also provides a platform for you to learn more about Africa and its people. Read more

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Ways in which you can help the street children.

The street doesn’t own a child or anyone we shouldn’t call them street children but children on the street. They are just children but traumatized, chronically neglected, physically / mentally abused and exploited. The urban population of Kampala is soaring, hence putting the number of children in slums at risk. Almost 27% of children between the ages of 5 – 18 live in slums and they lack access to good infrastructure, better food, and are short of most basic needs of life.

Only awareness and intervention by NGOs and well-wishers can translate into actual change. It is only us who can contribute to their leaving streets, meeting their needs and fulfilling their God given gifts and talents. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the drastic and positive change of the street children in Uganda.

Talk to them in a positive tone, and inquire about their well-being. Children on the streets go through a number of hustles to get what to eat, put on, and where to rest at night. The community tries to isolate and giving them a bad eye, but when you get a chance to meet them, use a kind voice by asking them their names, back ground and other particulars. Most times what they need is just care and attention of which we can offer to them. You can choose to donate to different campaigns run by NGOs that reach out to street children in Uganda.

Most children resolve to the streets due to miss treatment at home by either their relatives, care takers or step parents. So in case you spot a child who looks distressed then you can inquire about how their parents or guardian treat them; if you find out that the kid is being abused or miss treated, report to the relevant authorities so that the kid is saved, before they resort to streets.

Besides money, your time is the most valuable resource you can gift to the street children. A number of NGOs in Uganda have programs that help street children, like providing education, relaxation, physical-social support and counselling to the street children. This organizations need volunteers that can serve the boys from the street. So if you’re out there wondering what you can do to bring change to the children on the street, volunteering is the best option.

However, donating is the easiest and fastest act of support you can participate in; the equivalent of a cup of coffee or next movie you’re watching can go towards giving a child or two a brighter future. You can also sign up and be part of a NGOs various fundraising initiatives either on social media or in on-ground activities at malls, kiosks and public places.

The increasing number of urban street children has led to the increase of crimes like trafficking and kidnapping. It is fueled by disruption in schooling and lack of parental care. The presence of NGOs is essential in such a scenarios, working with local authorities to ensure that these children don’t find themselves trapped in subsistence abuse or victims of abuse and exploitation.

Without the knowledge of their rights, they experience torture, harassment a well as sexual abuse. Giving in your precious time and work with volunteering in Uganda can bring a difference in lives of these children.



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Why we should rise a banner for the widoms in Uganda

“People will rather pass by the weak, the lame, the beggars, the orphans, the tormented, the widows and take their large offerings to church, to the man of God who already has a mansion and jets, what a shallow mindedness.” Quoted by Sunday Adelaja. And yes, this is very true, people pride so much in giving huge sums of money in church than transforming lives of the underprivileged.

Read more

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Three Simple Ways of Loving the Disabled People in Uganda

An estimation by the World Health Organization is that 10% of any population is disabled with persons with compromised ability to meet all their needs. For the disabled people in Uganda need your support and love not sympathy.

Disabilities don’t make them less people, they also have goals, purpose in life and long term dreams no matter the form of disability, whether physical or mental, age, gender or location because disability doesn’t mean being disqualified from having access to any aspect of life.

If we are to successfully bring up a loving and caring culture in Uganda, it must be one that gives chance to each diverse human gift to find their place in life. One that doesn’t create any gap for the disabled to regret the things that they are limited to by their form of disability.

Caring and showing great love to the disabled people in Uganda has the power of making them feel special. Probably when someone talks about this, you think of sponsoring them with your money, actually this is not the case as some of these people even go to the schools of the disabled.

But Love goes beyond that and we can surely build a strong relationship with the disabled people of Uganda through these simple ways. Things that can give them hope, avoiding them from being disabled in spirit as well as physically.

Pay them visits occasionally. The disabled people also know how to have fun, visit them, spend some time with them, take photos featuring them, you will see how they also have awesome camera poses that you didn’t know about. Such simple things make the world way so different for the vulnerable people.

Donate gifts to them. Not referring to big gifts here, little gifts like toys to the children, clothes, scholastic materials and others. Remember in the world there are no great things, but little things done with great love, the little you give in with a great will does much more than the much forcefully done.

Throw them a party. Perhaps they have been visited often by different volunteers in Uganda and they have indeed donated a lot to them. But who has thrown them a party, for example a Christmas party, or birthday parties, just for them to eat, sing and dance, something that they rarely experience in their lives. Wouldn’t it be so amazing for them just to see a staged disco in their music compound all for to enjoy till late?

The world will never be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in, and such things deem to be small, but they speak volumes in the lives of the people that are disabled. They wash away the feeling of rejection that fills their hearts in most cases.

Together as one let’s love the disabled people in Uganda, we can support them, visit and donate to them. That way we shall make this world a better place for everyone to live.